‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian-Alexis Done – GH Writers Trolling Julexis Fans?

General Hospital spoilers suggest fans of Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Julian Jerome (Wiliam deVry) as a couple might find themselves disappointed soon. Julexis is on the scrap heap — according to a source backstage.

Reportedly, GH showrunner Frank Valentini is disinterested in reuniting them and brought in the new new shrink, Dr Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan), to pair with Alexis Davis as the producer plans to stick with Julian and Kim Nero (Tamara Braun).

Here’s the scoop from behind the scenes at the ABC soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis Davis And Her Shrink

More General Hospital spoilers say Alexis Davis turns to her new psychiatrist, Neil Byrne soon. There was chemistry when Alexis first met Neil at Charlie’s Pub without realizing they were future doctor and patient. There was an immediate spark as Neil Bryne asked Alexis out. Though tempted, she declined, saying she needs to work through some issues.

Later, Alexis showed up at therapy only to discover that cute guy is her new therapist. Certainly, Neil gave her the option to see another doctor if she was uncomfortable. But, Alex Davis opted to continue. Now, they’re exploring her messy past and disastrous love life on General Hospital. Frank is already tweeting about the guy (below).

GH Spoilers: Julian Jerome And Kim Nero Rock Solid

Alexis and Julian may actually be going their separate ways on General Hospital. So, the reunion Julexis shippers hoped for may never come. While she’s connecting with her new shrink, Julian Jerome and Dr Kim Nero are closer than ever. While they kept it light at first, Julian and Kim can’t deny that they’re falling hard for each other.

So, they had a rough patch and a brief separation but they seem to be even stronger than before. She’s had a lot on her plate with her son’s battle with fatal brain cancer. The source from the GH set says that Julian will stick with Kim. Also, she and Julian may get even more serious after Oscar Nero’s tragic passing.

Dr Neil Byrne – A Great Fit For Alexis?

General Hospital spoilers hint Neil Byrne may be good for Alexis Davis. He could help her learn how to have a healthier relationship. As her shrink, he might be able to give her the tools she needs to better herself. Of course, hooking up with your shrink is a bad idea. Then again, Alexis always makes poor choices with men.

Although, as a potential new love interest, Neil may treat her the way she’s always wanted to be treated. Alexis could finally have a solid and “normal” relationship she deserves. Still, it’s no consolation to Julexis fans who have been waiting a long time for their favorite ship to reunite on GH, if this leak proves true.

Frank Valentini Messing With Julexis Fans On GH?

Last week on General Hospital, fans of Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis were disappointed to find out the steamy love scene between them was a dream. Some on Twitter called it “just evil” while several said the writers are “trolling fans”. They were thrilled to see Julian back in his ex-wife’s bed and crushed to see it was a fantasy.

The set insider leaked that the show will keep offering tidbits like this with no intention of truly reuniting Julian Jerome with Alexis. Reportedly, they are hoping to keep Julexis fans tuned in hoping for more while writing with another agenda of keeping Julian Jerome with Kim Nero and pairing Alexis Davis with her psychiatrist…

General Hospital Messing With Fans?

No matter what fans of GH want, it seems the showrunners have their agenda and favorites and write without regard to fan preference. A recent poll showed almost 70% of watchers want them back together. A small faction think Julian Jerome putting a knife to Alexis Davis’ throat is irredeemable.

Plus, the leaker also said that General Hospital is kicking around the idea of a baby for Kim and Julian Jerome. She’s about to lose her son and Julian Jerome is estranged from two of his three kids, so he might be down for it. We’ll see what happens but for now, Alexis Davis’ next date seems to be with a bottle of vodka.

Maybe, if fans push back hard enough, maybe Frank Valentini will change his mind about Julexis. After all, fan pressure brought back Michael Easton and Steve Burton. So, anything is possible in the soap world. Watch ABC weekdays to see if GH continues to tease and frustrate Julexis fans.

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