‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Hunts Kim Down – Friendly Chat or Feud Over Julian?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) chats with Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) soon. This could be a conversation to make nice or could be a fight about Julian Jerome (William deVry).

Alexis Davis encouraged Julian to get back with Kim Nero, but that’s because she doesn’t trust herself around him if they are both single. Could the ladies put their past issues behind each other and move on?

General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Nero Back With Julian Jerome

As seen previously on GH, the doctor and “Charlie” are back together. Their breakup was a matter of misunderstandings anyway, nothing too serious. After Julian saw her kissing Drew Cain (Billy Miller) on New Year’s Eve, he split with her.

Then, when he broke up with Kim Nero, he lied and told her he slept with someone. Of course, she immediately thought that it was Alexis Davis he bedded, something that the lady lawyer denied. Alexis went straight to see her at General Hospital to clear the air.

However, things have now changed. The duo is back together as they both realized that there are still feelings there. Plus, Julian Jerome wants to be there for her as she struggles with her son Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) getting closer to death from his brain tumor.

GH Spoilers: Alexis Davis and Kim Could Make Amends

According to recent General Hospital spoilers, Alexis and Kim meet up. Alexis may be happy to hear of the romantic reconciliation. After all, it seems like Alexis wants Julian with Kim Nero. It’s almost like she doesn’t trust herself (or maybe even Julian) if there are no barriers to romance between them.

As Alexis is very supportive of Kim Nero, this talk with the ladies could put aside all their differences. When Kim learned that Oscar’s latest drug trial failed, she and Alexis even had a nice little bonding moment. Of course, Julian is always going to be an issue for them.

He and Alexis have such a long history together on GH, it’s impossible for Kim to ignore this. However, that doesn’t mean that the ladies continue to feud. These two strong women can behave maturely and not feud over Julian. Or it could turn into a mess. It’s a soap, after all.

General Hospital: Drew and Kim – Just Friends?

Alexis Davis isn’t the only ex that could potentially get in the way of Kim Nero and Julian’s happiness on GH. While Kim and Drew Cain kissed, they’ve mainly kept things platonic. However, they have definitely bonded as they struggle with son’s illness together.

The two will get closer as Oscar’s health worsens, but will they stick to being friends and co-parents? Julian stepped aside so that she could focus more on Oscar and baby daddy Drew. He could make that sacrifice again if Kim and Drew get even closer on General Hospital.

Of course, while she reminisced about her past with Drew, it looks like she’s pretty intent on sticking with Julian. While the couple has their issues, he’s really been supportive. But will her past pull her to Drew, even when she’s happy with Julian? See what happens when Kim Nero and Alexis Davis get some face time next week on GH.

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