General Hospital Spoiler: Stephen Nichols Teases Stefan Cassadine Return on Instagram

General Hospital spoilers may have leaked Stephen Nicholas return to GH as Stefan Cassadine. On the most recent episode of the ABC soap, fans saw Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck) captive and scared in a car. A man put his hand on her knee and he was wearing an iconic Cassadine family ring. His face was not shown, nor was his voice heard, but it’s clearly a Cassadine male. Recent hints point to the return of Stefan Cassadine, with Stephen Nicholas back in the role. Here’s the chain of clues.

Stephen Nicholas Posted Teaser on Instagram

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the soap films episodes four weeks in advance most of the year. Exactly one month before the Cassadine return reveal on August 24, Stephen Nichols posted on Instagram with a shot that looks just like the pivotal hand scene. The one Nichols posted was from Patch and Kayla scenes on Days of Our Lives, but the freeze frame looks just like the shot. If Stephen Nicholas is back as Stefan Cassadine, he would have posted it on his first day back on the set.

General Hospital: Stefan Cassadine (Stephen Nichols) on Instagram

General Hospital Hint – Look at the Hands

A second hint from recent General Hospital spoilers is gained by looking at visual cues. In the photo below, on the left is a pic of Stephen Nichols’ hand, posted on his social media. On the right is the image of the mystery Cassadine’s hands. Both Nichols and the mystery man have distinctive veins on the hand and look very similar. Of course, this could be just a case of two men with very similar hands. But then again, it could be another confirmation that Stefan Cassadine is back from the dead.

General Hospital: Stefan Cassadine (Stephen Nichols) hands

Stephen Nichols Misdirected Fans?

Looking beyond General Hospital spoilers, ABC soap fans might not know Stephen Nicholas was on Days of Our Lives. In late June, it came out that he was done at the show and gave interviews about his end at DOOL in the aftermath of a contract dispute. Stephen Nichols’ character, Steve “Patch” Johnson was written out without notice. That’s sad for Days fans but means he was available for a GH return. The new interview and drama hit the day before the new character reveal. Was he misdirecting fans?

Stefan Cassadine – His General Hospital Fate

Although he’s supposedly dead, soap fans know that means nothing in the genre. Stefan Cassadine supposedly “died” 15 years ago at the hands of Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary). Luke stabbed Stefan who fell from the cliff on Spoon Island at Wyndemere. At Stefan’s funeral, Luke cracked open the coffin to make sure Stefan’s corpse was inside. Given how often the Cassadines came back from the dead, it’s smart. Stefan was in the coffin, but that means nothing to General Hospital writers.

This is the show that just resurrected Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) – even though he was burned to a crisp as his twin brother Kevin Collins watched. Also, Jake Webber (Hudson West) is running around Port Charles despite being mowed down by a drunk driver and dying while fans watched in shock. Yet that kid popped back up alive and well. Resurrecting Stefan is no big deal for GH. While the signs point to Stefan Cassadine’s return, it could be a bait and switch and it’s another Cassadine.


Which Cassadine do you think General Hospital resurrected and has kidnapped Cassandra?


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