‘General Hospital’ Source Says Nancy Lee Grahn Leaving GH – Family Illness Pulls Her Away From Alexis?

A General Hospital source behind the scenes leaked that Nancy Lee Grahn is on a break so Alexis Davis may be off-screen temporarily. The insider says the actress needed some time off from the sudser to help care for her mother Barbara Grahn. Sadly, her mother Barbara had a scary medical incident two years ago which Nancy shared on her personal blog.

Fortunately, her mother made it through that terrible ordeal and reached her 90 year birthday this past March. However, the leaker says now that Nancy’s mom is sick again. The insider reports the Alexis Davis portrayer needed time off from ABC’s GH to help her sister Wendy Grahn care for their mother. There’s no confirmation yet from Grahn, only the word from the set source about a leave of absence.

General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn Shares Story – Almost Lost Her Mom

GH actress Nancy Lee Grahn shared she got a call on October 8, 2017 that her mom Barbara Grahn was in the ER in critical condition. Of course, she rushed to her side right away. In a post on her blog, Nancy shares the entire heartbreaking story. She said her mother was fighting for her life and was only given a 2% chance to live. So, she detailed the nurses did a wonderful job but could only do so much.

She said her mother’s hospital room became overrun with her children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. Surely, the Alexis Davis actress said her mom is very loved as everyone took turns doing what they could to help. Also, she said Barbara was in agony and it was a horrifying thing for Nancy and her family to watch. It’s one to work on a show like General Hospital and another to cope with a real-life medical ordeal.

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GH Actress’s Mom Barbara Grahn Hits 90 Year Milestone

The General Hospital actress happily reported things turned around for Barbara Grahn and she pulled through. Additionally, she made it to celebrate her 90th birthday this March which she celebrated to the fullest. Besides that, she wanted to attend her grandson Josh’s wedding that was coming up.So, after much help from her family she slowly go better.

Certainly, they did all the little things the nurses couldn’t. Also, they worked with giving her physical therapy to get her walking again. Not only did she recuperate, she made it to her grandsons wedding and had an amazing time. Then, two years later, she celebrated her milestone birthday. But now, the set source says there may be some health concerns again.

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Nancy Taking Time Off To Care For Her Loving Mother – Source Leaks

General Hospital spoilers report Alexis Davis may be missed as Nancy Lee Grahn reportedly takes time off to help care for her mom. The inside leaker says it may only be a few weeks. Nancy lives in an LA suburb while her mother lives close to Chicago, near her sister Wendy Grahn. So, the report said the actress needed to travel to Illinois to be close to Barbara.

Certainly, it must be a lot to handle and Nancy would probably appreciate quality time to spend with her mom. No doubt, Barbara is doing much better however, she is 90 years old. Five weeks ago, NLG shared pics on her Instagram (see above and below) of her spending time at recovery rehab and doing physical therapy exercises. Generally, she keeps her private life pretty private.

Short-Term Leave For Nancy Lee Grahn On General Hospital?

A GH inside source says Nancy Lee Grahn will be leaving the ABC soap for a short time to help sis Wendy Grahn care for her elderly mother, Barbara Grahn. Certainly, working and traveling between LA and Chicago can be stressful. If the report is accurate and her mom needs her right now, no doubt, Nancy wants time off to devote to  her mother.

So, viewers may see a little less of Alexis Davis on their screens. Thankfully, her absence should only be temporary and she will likely return after a few weeks. Watch ABC weekdays to keep up with Alexis Davis on GH and see if she’s got a shot to get back with Julian Jerome or if Julexis is done for good.

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