‘General Hospital’: Ryan Gives Up and Stays in Pentonville or Breaks Out For Later Return?

General Hospital fans know psycho serial killer Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) has a long history of wreaking havoc on the citizens of Port Charles. His reign of terror began in 1992 after following Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) to town. Ryan was arrested for attempted murder. Then Dr Kevin Collins, his identical twin, came to town determined to help his mentally unstable twin.

Ryan escapes the mental hospital and impersonated his twin way back in the day. Later, the nutter was presumed dead in a funhouse explosion but survived. That opened the door for him to repeat his heinous behavior decades later. Currently, Ryan is locked up in Pentonville, but vowed vengeance on all his enemies. And he has quite a few. So, will he escape and carry out his promise on the ABC soap?

General Hospital: Ryan Chamberlain Began as Todd Wilson

GH history reminds that Felicia first knew Ryan as Todd Wilson. That was in Texas where she witnessed him murder his wife. Upon her return to PC, she developed amnesia and had no memory of him. Later, Ryan Chamberlains showed up and worked as a pediatrician at General Hospital. But he couldn’t hide his drastic mental instability. He became obsessed with Felicia and trapped her in a cabin. That led to his arrest. Then, he escaped by impersonating his twin.

He crashed Felicia and Mac Scorpio’s (John J York) wedding with a bomb. Kevin stopped him. Then the cops arrested him once more. So, he escaped again with the help of Connie Cooper (Amy Benedict) whom he killed for her trouble. Pretending to be Kevin, he kidnapped Felicia’s daughter Georgie Jones (Lindze Letherman). The family later tracked deranged Ryan to a funhouse. They saved Georgie and the bad guy “blew up” and was assumed dead on General Hospital.

Wicked Ryan’s Return on GH

General Hospital viewers recall the WSB had Ryan Chamberlain for a while but found him uncontrollable. Remember, their experiments later blinded him and his twin both. So, Kevin Collins hid away Ryan Chamberlain and tried to save him. But secretly treating his twin at Ferncliff failed. Because he took Kevin captive and then wreaked havoc on Port Charles. Now, he’s in prison again, but as fans know, he’s fantastically clever and could escape with ease. Plus, Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) might help him.

Right now, Ryan’s latest victims are still struggling to recover. Ava Jerome’s (Maura West) busy paying psychic Sibley Gamle (Veronica Cartwright) to put her in touch with dead daughter Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin). Because Ava’s pain is always at the forefront, she’s desperate. She’s love to have another chance to kill Ryan Chamberlain after literally stabbing him in the back. But General Hospital docs saved him, so Ava hates knowing he’s alive and could break free.

Will Ryan Stay in Prison or Break Out?

One thing is certain on General Hospital. If the authorities packed Ryan Chamberlain back to Ferncliff, you can imagine he’d break out. He hated captivity there under brother Kevin’s watchful eye. But he might find prison more tolerable since there are other violent criminals there with him. But what he wants most is fear. If Ryan Chamberlain breaks out of prison, his victims and their loved ones will always be on edge.

So, he might escape and then go off to hide, lick his wounds, and recover from the unauthorized kidney transplant. Ryan wants payback for that and owes his brother one. He also wants to clap back at Ava for betraying him. Then there’s all those that helped trap him. So, perhaps once Ryan’s healed enough to make a speedy escape, that’s what he’ll do – with some help from naughty Nelle… That leaves him to come back to haunt General Hospital at a later date. Or he may just sit and wait like an awful evil spider.

Watch for more Ryan Chamberlain action on the ABC soap because it’s doubtful his story is done just yet.

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