‘General Hospital’: Rebecca Budig Hints Port Charles Return as Hayden

General Hospital got a lot of mileage out of Rebecca Budig’s character Hayden, who first blew into Port Charles back in 2015. Over 200 GH episodes, fans saw Hayden grow from a character who was first despised into a character that left viewers heartbroken upon her exit in 2017.

Soaps in Depth interviewed Budig about her time on General Hospital and she also filled them in on what she’s been doing since. She started off by explaining how Hayden’s character was first presented to her.

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General Hospital Con-Woman Turned Soft!

Budig shared how General Hospital gave her very little to go on at first. She didn’t learn much about the character, just that Hayden would be a “con-woman.” She stepped into that role giving Hayden a personality of her own.  Although, through the hundreds of episodes that Hayden graced the screen, she changed.


The character’s exit from the scripts not only broke Finn’s heart but the viewers’ hearts as well. So how would she feel about Hayden sailing back into Port Charles? Budig said she would love to step into that role again.

Hayden and Her Baby On GH Fans’ Wish List

She said during the interview – “Who wouldn’t want to play all that juicy stuff?” Budig would really love to see Hayden come back to town with her baby. Once her fans get wind of what Budig had to say this will go on the top of the General Hospital wish list for viewers. Bring Hayden back!

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Last year rumors sprouted that Budig was about to exit the show. She finally took to social media to tell her fans she’s been “written off the canvas.” She posted that along with a special thank you to all her fans. Michael Easton, who played Finn her love interest on-screen, was said to be heartbroken having to say goodbye to his co-star and a good friend. His Facebook farewell was heartfelt and probably brought a tear to an eye or two.

Easton wrote, “My partner in crime. The light at the end of the tunnel. The girl with the soulful eyes, a fighter’s heart and so much damn talent it hurts. I know the clocks will not stop; tomorrow brings a new day but the sun will seem to shine a little less bright”.

From Video Vixen to Reformed Con Woman

So what has she been up to since she was last seen with the folks from Port Charles? It might not seem as exciting as her early days when she appeared in the music video for Aerosmith’s Livin on the Edge but she was definitely enthusiastic about it.

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General Hospital Exit Opened Doors For Rebecca

Since exiting the ABC soap, Rebecca spent time with her little girl, Charlotte Jo, who is just three and a half. The proud mom shares how her little bundle of joy was just so “fun to be with.” She’s traveled with her husband and daughter visiting family in both Minnesota and Kentucky.

She took an acting class given by her old friend and former All My Children co-star, Michael E. Knight. He played the character Tad and she was Greenlee Smythe on the show, according to IMDb. Budig expressed she’s in awe of his talent and used this time to hone her skills as an actress.

She also found that lending her voice to an audiobook of Matt Boren’s first novel Folded Notes from High School was “freeing” venue for her. Budig enjoyed giving a voice to a character in her good friend’s book.

Will GH Powers That Be Get the Hint?

So now that the word is out that Budig would love to reboot Hayden in Port Charles, will someone from General Hospital bite at this tempting offer? All Budig’s fans can do is hope that her willingness to come back gets to TPTB at ABC. Some rumors hinted that Hayden might be back for half-sister Liz’s wedding and we know that’s set for this Fall!

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