‘General Hospital’: Parry Shen Hints Return – Is Brad Out of Jail in New ‘GH’ Episodes?

General Hospital actor Parry Shen recently hinted his alter-ego Brad Cooper may get out of prison to shake things up when GH storylines continue. So, Brad may spill secrets to get out of Pentonville and try to redeem himself on the ABC drama.

Parry Shen Teases Brad Cooper’s Return on General Hospital

GH star Parry Shen hinted a possible return for his character, Brad Cooper. Currently, Brad remains behind bars for keeping Wiley from Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). And, he’s afraid to rat Julian Jerome (William deVry) out for his part in it on General Hospital.

But, Parry Shen said Brad may want a fresh start when he gets out of jail on GH. So, when new episodes are back, the writers may shake things up with him trying to free himself. No doubt, he’s sick of being under Julian’s thumb and wants his life back. He might even fight to get his husband, Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes), back as well on General Hospital when the new episodes return.

Brad Throws Nelle and Julian Under the Bus on GH?

Soon to come on General Hospital, Brad Cooper may get sick of taking the fall. So, he may rat out his accomplices. Of course, he already tried to tell everyone that the baby swap was all Nelle Hayes’ (Chloe Lanier) idea. But, she’s an expert at playing the victim and managed to avoid prison. Now, she and Julian are married and fighting for custody of Wiley.

However, if Brad Cooper outs Julian and spills his father-in-law’s sins, the judge may take a second look at Nelle too. So, the lab tech could ruin their chances of custody and ensure Michael gets his son on General Hospital. If so, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) may be grateful and let him live. And, Sonny might even protect Brad from Julian’s wrath on GH.

Sonny Protects Brad on General Hospital?

When GH brings back all-new episodes, Brad Cooper may get help from an unexpected source. Remember, Sonny threatened to take him out if he didn’t plead guilty and spare Michael the trial. However, if he sells Julian and Nelle down the river, then Sonny may let him slide. Of course, the mob kingpin hates Julian.

And, even more so now that he married Nelle on General Hospital. So, if Brad comes clean on Nelle and Jules, then Sonny might help him. Perhaps, if Brad teams up with the mob boss, it may be the beginning of the end for Nelle. So, when GH new episodes resume, Brad Cooper may return to the ABC sudser and begin his path to redemption.

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