‘General Hospital’: Parry Shen Gains 35 Pounds in Quarantine – See How He Looks Now (Pics)

General Hospital fan-fave Parry Shen, AKA sneaky Brad Cooper, packed on some serious LBs during the quarantine. See how he looks now after gaining weight in lockdown. Now, Brad’s in prison, but perhaps, he’ll return to GH soon. Will he be camera-ready for the ABC sudser?

General Hospital: Parry Shen Gains Serious Weight – Brad Cooper Gets Buff in Prison?

GH celeb Parry Shen is packing on the pounds – but not because he can’t stop snacking. The Brad Cooper actor packed on an additional 35 pounds because of his strict workouts. The General Hospital star wears a weighted vest to help increase the difficulty of his exercises by using his own body weight.

Specifically, Parry uses this for push-ups, chin-ups, and pull-ups. However, the GH alum, who plays Brad, joked that even after removing several pounds, it’s still “So very heavy!” So, even though he is in extremely good shape it’s still not easy staying that way. No doubt, General Hospital’s Parry still looks amazing even though he just celebrated his 47th birthday.

So, there’s no unhealthy COVID weight gain on Parry – instead, he used the time to get buff. So, they can always say that Brad Cooper got ripped in prison to explain why he’s so ripped now.

GH Actor Parry Shen an Avid Fitness Enthusiast

Parry, as Brad from General Hospital, is extremely into fitness and he loves to share his experiences with his fans. No doubt, he has an impressive garage gym and he’s big into boxing as well. He frequently posts his workout and boxing antics online and the GH celebrity is quite funny.

Surely, Brad Cooper’s better half has no problem making fun of himself. But, he’s clearly very serious about staying healthy and in shape. Of course, this is nothing new for the General Hospital castmember. However, quarantine certainly allows him more time to focus on physical fitness.

Also, he may want to make sure he stays in shape in case he’s needed back on the GH set soon. Of course, Brad Cooper’s hubby, Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes), might be surprised to see his sexy new post-prison bod.

Brad May Return to General Hospital

Brad Cooper’s alter-ego Parry Shen might be back to GH soon. Of course, Brad fans will be ecstatic. No doubt, Brad needs a chance to redeem himself after the heartbreaking Wiley saga. Plus, Brad Cooper’s return would most likely mean Lucas may come back to General Hospital as well. There’s a lot more potential for that storyline.

Especially, if Brad throws his accomplice Julian Jerome (William deVry) under the bus. So, hopefully, Parry will be back soon. Until then, surely Parry Shen continues to spend his time getting buff. Don’t miss new GH starting next week to see if Parry Shen resurfaces as Brad on ABC daytime.

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