‘General Hospital’ New Episodes Monday – Is it All Fresh ‘GH’ Next Week or Tons of Flashbacks?

General Hospital is set to return with new scenes next Monday, August 3 now that they’ve been back to work more than a week. However, that is incredibly fast. So, does this mean more flashback-filled GH episodes on ABC? And who will we see in the first new GH episodes next week? So far, Jason Morgan actor Steve Burton says he’s back. And Finola Hughes confirmed her return. The promo is full of many characters – but it’s doubtful we’ll see them all in week one.

General Hospital All-New Next Week Starting Aug 3

GH fans are ecstatic that the soap is back with fresh episodes. Of course, classic episodes were nice – but viewers are itching to see what’s next for their faves. Recently, some spoilers surfaced and General Hospital certainly looks juicy.

Soon, things are about to heat up for Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), Jason, and all the other GH characters. But, this new airdate seems a little too quick. And, it may not be realistic, say General Hospital spoilers.

But, the longer they keep airing re-runs, the more money they’re hemorrhaging, so they’re rushing back. Just how good will it be, though? If you’ve been watching new Bold episodes, you may have noticed wonky scene shots because of body doubles and social distances, among other issues.

GH Rushes Airdate – Will it Be 50/50 New and Flashback?

Right now, General Hospital is the fastest to return to filming. No doubt, this is the quickest return to airing turnaround. Remember, The Bold and the Beautiful took about a month to release fresh episodes. And, The Young and the Restless went back to work before GH – and still hasn’t revealed an airdate.

So, while we are all eager for new General Hospital, it seems a little far-fetched that they can get out all-new material that fast. Of course, that leaves us wondering if the upcoming GH storylines will be riddled with flashbacks again. That way, they can stretch out the fresh material they were able to shoot.

Remember, before General Hospital resorted to re-runs, they were cutting in an insane amount of old footage in with new. So, out of a 35-minute episode, it felt like only 10-15 minutes was new. Is this what we should expect when they start airing “new” episodes again next week?

More Flashbacks on General Hospital?

GH spoilers wonder how the powers that be can come up with new stuff so fast. It sounds like editors burned the midnight oil – and we’ll see older footage too. Plus, the first episode of B&B’s return was an episode entirely devoted to talking about what happened the last time the show was on.

They had three characters chatting and that worked as a full episode of “previously on”… Perhaps General Hospital will take the same approach and dedicate its first episode to just a couple of characters talking and reminding viewers of the last new scenes of the ABS sudsfest.

This approach allows General Hospital to get back on the air with minimal new footage shot. Plus, they probably have some prior footage shot but un-aired to mix in with the other. With just a week to go – are you ready for new GH? Will you accept tons of flashbacks if it means you get to see at least some new footage? Get ready!

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