‘General Hospital’ May Be Back Sooner Than You Think – Ratings Shocker Revealed

General Hospital watchers are tired of pre-emptions especially with the reveal that Canadian viewers got several new episodes last week. In the US, we got just Monday and Friday. However, there might be a change afoot and it’s all about ratings. This glimmer of hope for GH comes from a new report from Reuters.

While it seems ABC thought it might scoop up plenty of viewers, they’re not. In fact, General Hospital not airing new episodes in favor of the Trump impeachment is hurting its ratings. A new report shows a stunning double digit drop in ratings because of the trial coverage. Check it out.

When is General Hospital Back on the Air?

GH spoilers promised an epic fallout from the attack on Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and his family. Friday saw the shootout on multiple fronts with Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) taking a bullet. Plus, there’s Quartermaine action ahead. Now, with General Hospital skipping episodes, fans are upset.

However, a new Retuters report said that from day two to three of the Senate hearing, ratings slipped nearly 20%. Then, from day three to four, it dropped to almost 30%. So, while the ABC news chiefs thought they’d do better with politics than soaps, they’ve been proven drastically wrong.

So, will General Hospital be back on the air next week rather than the halls of Congress? Two days ago, the official word was that ABC would keep airing hearings over the soaps for the duration of the event. Then, Friday they dropped a fresh General Hospital. So, that could be a sign of what’s ahead.

Are Newer Episodes of GH Coming Next Week?

General Hospital was on Monday then nothing for three days in a row frustrating fans. Then, Friday we got an action-packed episode with bullets flying. So, if we get politics instead of GH on Monday, it’ll be a huge letdown. But, maybe the new episode Friday is an indication of what’s to come.

Because by now, ABC’s news honchos know that they’re losing viewers. Not only are news viewers not tuning in, but faithful General Hospital viewers are tuning out. And, when they decide to drop in new shows, there may be fewer people there to watch them if this goes on too long.

Of course, ratings are always a huge deal for soaps. And General Hospital‘s already in third place out of four soaps. Meanwhile, Days of our Lives (#4 soap) decided to leave news where it belongs and is airing fresh episodes of DOOL. So, look for a shift in the next daytime ratings report.

Is General Hospital Back on Next Week – Or Are Fans Stuck Waiting?

As far as we know, GH is up in the air. But since ratings dropped in double digits (29% overall) last week for the hearings, will ABC stick to its stated approach? At this point, they must be losing ad dollars to pursue this strategy. Those that bought ad space on General Hospital want it there – not in news interruptions that no one is watching.

And if it’s going to be 12 days of Congress and no soap action, ABC will lose more than viewers. They’ll also lose sponsors for not airing their spots when they paid and on the program they were aimed at. So, right now, it’s a wait and see on new General Hospital episodes next week.

Fingers crossed that the dismal ratings scares some sense into the decision-makers at ABC, though. For now, Laura’s wounded, the Quartermaines are waiting at the door, and fans are eager for their soap to be back on the air.

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