‘General Hospital’: Maurice Benard Takes Dr Drew’s Anxiety Advice

General Hospital star Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) got advice from Dr Drew Pinsky on how to handle his anxiety. The ABC actor has struggled with mental health issues since the age of 22. That is when he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, then known as manic depression.

GH even incorporated it into his character, Sonny Corinthos, to shed some light on the matter. Maurice is very active in raising awareness for depression and anxiety and urging people to get help. Recently, he asked the famous shrink Dr Drew how to get rid of his anxiety. Read on to see the simple (but not so easy) answer the doctor gave ABC‘s Maurice Benard.

General Hospital: Maurice Benard’s Struggle With Anxiety And Bipolar Disorder

GH often has Sonny Corinthos mirror Maurice Benard’s personal journey with anxiety and bipolar disorder. The actor has been dealing with it for nearly 30 years now. He was diagnosed when it was still referred to as manic depression in his early twenties. When he was brand new on the show, only a few weeks in, he had a major manic episode followed by a deep depression.

So, the ABC sudser has known about Maurice’s battle from the start and incorporates into the soap. They showed Sonny struggling with the disorder and then getting treatment. Also, they involved Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) to show it from a different perspective. Surely, when someone suffers with issues like these, it takes a toll on their loved ones as well. And for the actor, family is so important.

Benard says as long as he takes his medication, everything is under control. He urges people to never stop taking their medication. Luckily, bipolar disorder and anxiety can be treated but people have to be willing to get help first. That’s why Maurice travels all over the country speaking out about mental health.

GH’s Maurice Benard Raises Awareness About Mental Health

General Hospital fans know Maurice Benard is adamant about educating people on mental health concerns. He once commented on Twitter, “Over twenty years ago, I made a decision to speak, and every time I do, I know I can never stop. I plan to speak all over the country”.

Maurice encourages people suffering from mental health issues to get treatment. His goal is to help people understand disorders like bipolar, depression, and anxiety and show them it can be treated. Unfortunately, when it goes untreated, people are losing their lives. “I don’t think I’d be here today if I wasn’t medicated,” says the GH actor.

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Dr Drew Pinsky Offers General Hospital Actor Expert Advice

GH actor Maurice Benard took to Instagram to share a video of himself on a roller coaster at Disneyland. Judging by the video, he has anxiety about the rides. He posted along with the video, “I asked Dr Drew Pinsky how do I get rid of my anxiety? He said… whatever scares you do it over and over again”.

Certainly, very good and straightforward advice. However, it can be hard to put into action. Of course, the end result seems worth it. Maurice Benard seems to say you just need to push yourself to face your fears and you will come out on top. Surely, Maurice will heed the famous doctor’s advice and take the steps to ease his anxiety on and off the General Hospital set.

Maurice Passionate About Mental Health Both On-Screen And Off

General Hospital fans can see Maurice Benard is serious about helping people conquer mental health struggles. He works hard both on-set and in real life to inform people about anxiety and depression. More importantly, he shows those that suffer they’re not alone and help is out there. The producers of GH along with the talented actors use the soap to shed light on important, real-life issues.

Surely, so many people are affected by mental health issues in one way or another. It’s admirable that the daytime drama does what it can to raise awareness. Be sure to watch ABC weekdays for new episodes of GH. Also, follow Maurice Benard as he does his part to educate people on mental wellness.

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