‘General Hospital’ Casting Leak: Franco and Julian May Go – Griffin Back to Stay Soon?

A General Hospital leaker teased that Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) may not stick around and Julian Jerome’s (William deVry) days may be numbered as well. Plus, the powers that be are hoping to get another fan-fave to do regular guest stints GH. Take a look at the latest intel leaking from the ABC soap set.

General Hospital Casting: Major Leak Suggests Franco Baldwin May Leave

A reliable GH insider reveals it’s unclear if Roger Howarth will renew his contract and stay on as Franco Baldwin. At this point, no one knows if the chance of him leaving as Franco Baldwin is real or not. But, backstage chatter says the actor’s unsure about signing for a new three year deal to play Franco.

Of course, when it comes to contract negotiations, there’s always questions. So, that’s driving the behind-the-scenes chatter that he may ditch his Franco Baldwin role. No doubt, Friz fans will be livid if that’s the case. Of course, nothing is confirmed on Franco Baldwin’s fate as of yet on General Hospital.

Spoilers know there’s always a chance Franco Baldwin may not stick around for the long haul on GH. And, with the Nikolas recast, that opens up other love avenues for Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) if Howarth doesn’t renew as Franco Baldwin. Plus, the memory transfer could have after effects on Franco’s brain. So, wait and see if Franco Baldwin exits the show, in General Hospital spoilers.

Julian Jerome May Exit GH

Also on General Hospital, fan-fafan-favorite Julian Jerome may not stick around much longer. The on-set leaker reports William deVry suspects he could be out by Summer. However, why he’s worried is unclear. Surely, Julian Jerome’s current storyline shows several ways he could leave the sudser. Because,  his role in the baby swap lie could get him killed on General Hospital.

So, Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) might kill him to protect the secret. Or, Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) might whack him. And General Hospital  hint that Julian Jerome could wind up in prison for tampering with those brakes and almost killing his son. Plus, Julian Jerome has no romantic storylines right now. So, perhaps DeVry’s right to worry about Julian Jerome’s fate, tease General Hospital spoilers.

Griffin Munro May Return To General Hospital

A bit of good news from the GH set insider is Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) will not be recast. The source said that role belongs to Matt Cohen, And, TPTB want him to for more frequent cameos. Surely, this makes sense with all the chatter that Claudette Beaulieu (Bree Williamson) may come back on the scene.

Remember, during Griffin’s last visit, he was clear that he’s doesn’t think Claudette’s death was suicide. Of course, they have a lot of history. And, if she does return, that would be a perfect way to bring Griffin back on the scene at General Hospital. Remember, Griffin was very much in love with Claudette years ago.

Again, nothing is set in stone but this info comes from a reliable source. Continue to watch GH to see if Julian Jerome and Franco Baldwin will stick around or exit the ABC sudser.

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