‘General Hospital’ News CONFIRMED: Dom Zamprogna Filmed Final Scenes

The General Hospital Buzz is Dom Zamprogna who plays Dante Falconeri may have filmed his final scenes on the ABC popular daytime soap. Zamprogna started in 2009 as the long-lost son who was a cop to mob boss father Sonny Corinthos(Maurice Benard).

As reported by Soap Dirt May 30th 2018, Dom Zamprogna has confirmed he did film his final scenes.


Social media fans were sent into a frenzy today when a well-known twitter source tweeted:

Ok, guys,  I’m back with a little scoop to knock your socks off. Dom Zamprogna has already filmed his last episodes of GH!!

Dom’s character is underused

Dom’s character has been underused for quite some time so it is really no surprise.
Dante has been overshadowed by wife LuLu Spencer Falconeri(Emme Rylan) and Mob boss dad  Sonny Corinthos. LuLu is the daughter of the soap legend couple Luke(Anthony Geary) and Laura(Genie Francis) so it is no surprise that she would get more airtime. Then to top it off his father is basically one of the core characters on the show Sonny Corinthos, Dante was in the shadows most of the time.

The baby is not Michael’s

It seemed they could not fit Dante anywhere except being a great best friend to his now dead cop partner Nathan West(Ryan Paevey). Dom got to show off some of his acting chops when he had to bury his best friend Nathan and blow up at his wife Lulu Falconeri but that is really the extent to what Dante does for the past few years.


What does this mean for Dante and Lulu’s marriage?

GH fans love Dom Zamprogna and are heartbroken ABC did not utilize his character more. What does this mean for LuLu and Dante’s marriage?
This past week the Henrik Faison (Wes Ramsey)story has been unfolding with LuLu’s hands in that whole mess. Dante exploded and showed LuLu how ignorant she was being played by Cesar Faison’s(Anders Hove) son right under her nose.

Will they kill Dante off?

With all that has been unfolding in Dante’s life, it may be time for him to leave and go find himself let’s hope the General Hospital Powers that be don’t kill him off like they did his brother Morgan Corinthos(Bryan Craig) and best friend Nathan! Whatever his departure entails it will be a sad send-off for many Gh fans.

Nelle’s storyline ending soon

If this buzz is true then they will be steering LuLu towards another love interest most likely quite fast considering Nathan wasn’t even dead a couple of weeks when Gh had Peter sniffing around Maxie West (Kirsten Storms).
General Hospital has recently cut loose soap veterans Genie Francis (Genie Francis)and Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) which fans have been very unhappy about and now if confirmed Dom Zamprogna.
No matter which direction Zamprogna is going we wish him and his family all the best!
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