‘General Hospital’ Back to Work This Week – Neil Byrne Actor Confirms

General Hospital star Joe Flanigan who portrays Neil Byrne just shared some exciting news that is sure to thrill GH fans everywhere. Now, there may be hope that the ABC sudser is back up and running. But, is he heading into work to tape or for testing, safety briefs, and wardrobe fittings?

Neil Byrne Actor Confirms He’s Back to Work General Hospital

Recently, Neil Byrne’s alter-ego Joe of GH said that he “is pumped” to get back to work this week. Now, Joe didn’t say specifically that General Hospital is filming and that he’s taping as Neil. However, Flanigan isn’t working on any other projects. So, it stands to reason he meant his work as Neil Byrne.

So, it sure looks like Joe’s is on his way to the GH studio for Neil’s scenes. No doubt, this is fantastic news because it didn’t look like production would resume until August. So, this is a beautiful surprise for General Hospital fans since we heard they’d been delayed again.

We confirmed it with an inside source, too. And it definitely looks like they’re taping scenes this week. However, they’ve set a pretty ambitious new airdate to hit. We’ll share that info below on when General Hospital wants to air a new episode.

General Hospital: Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan)

When Will GH Air New Episodes?

Right now, it seems as though the General Hospital cast is ready to get back to work. Initially, July was the plan, but a spike in COVID cases was a threat. Now, there may be a way around it because GH has Neil Byrne in new scenes.

So, this means fresh General Hospital episodes may return sooner than anticipate with Neil and others. Before, we expected them in Fall. Now, viewers should get new GH on the screens in late Summer/early Fall. But, there’s a rumor floating that it’ll be August 3.

If we do see “new” General Hospital episodes then, viewers should brace themselves for more of the one new scene, seven minutes of flashback pattern they used pre-lockdown. There’s simply no way for them to have all-new 35-minute episodes that fast. Or maybe it’ll be 2-3 new then 1-2 repeats a week…

What’s happening with Neil Byrne, when he’s back? Is he with his lady? We’ll find out soon. In the meantime, also check out the rugged quarantine looks among the actors. And we’ll update you when more info leaks out of the set.


General Hospital: Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) - Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) - Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) - Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan)


General Hospital Actor Worries About Another Shut Down

Currently, many indoor businesses re-closed in LA. But, TV shows aren’t on the list of mandated shutdowns. So, maybe GH can sort it out. Young and the Restless said they’re shooting mostly outdoor shots to stay at work. And Bold and the Beautiful‘s been at work a month, shooting with scant cast and social distance.

So, it seems that scenes with Neil Byrne will be first among new episodes. We’ve also heard some other tidbits from a set insider. First, only contract cast will film new General Hospital episodes. Second, just because someone had scenes pre-quarantine, it doesn’t mean they’ll film now.

Viewers are eager to get back to the General Hospital storylines already in progress, but writers altered scripts. We’ve heard they had to scrap several group scenes, too. But, according to Neil Byrne’s portrayer, at least they’re back to work for the moment, but he’s worried they might close the doors again.

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