‘Counting On’: The Truth About Jana Duggar – What’s Really Going On?

Counting On‘s Jana Duggar is the oldest Duggar daughter, and fans think there is more going on than what you see on the surface.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Goes to Journey to the Heart

Jana Duggar’s siblings said that she was rowdy at one point and “outgoing.” But they didn’t seem to think that was a good thing. In fact, even Counting On star Jana said that she had a period of “pridefulness.” And that she had struggled with her role in the family.

Many viewers wonder what role it was that Jana Duggar was struggling with. Maybe it is the role of taking care of everything in the house? Some people say Jana is a part of the stay-at-home daughter movement.

When Jana Duggar from Counting On didn’t behave as her parents wanted her to, they sent her to the Gothard training program. Some say this was for “re-education” and “brainwashing.” Later, the founder of this program stepped down due to accusations of sexual harassment. He denies the claims and no criminal charges were ever filed.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Continuing with the Program

After Jana Duggar from the TV series Counting On went through the program—that wasn’t the end. In fact, that was just the beginning. Jana went to the program first in 2009 but then attended again in 2012, multiple times.

In 2012, she also became an instructor for the Gothard program. It’s unclear what all Jana did do there as an instructor. But she came out the other side as a meek woman. Some think she was no longer the rowdy, prideful, and outgoing person she once was.

Viewers of the TLC show Counting On wonder if Jana Duggar ever encountered any of the problems with founder Bill Gothard. But it’s unlikely there will be any proof. A court threw out a group of victim’s cases in 2018 due to the statute of limitations.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Counting On: What’s Next for Jana?

It’s clear that Counting On celeb Jana Duggar wants to make her own way in the world. But it is unclear why she isn’t leaving her parent’s house. There are a lot of theories but no concrete evidence that Jana isn’t there of her own free will. We did see Jana Duggar go on a vacation by herself not too long ago, so that is a major difference.

Her ability to speak on own behalf as an unwed female is one thing that makes fans wonder if Jana has a plan in the works. Or if she is enjoying living at her parent’s without any bills and tending her garden.

People think that she might be dealing with issues from molestation in her past. Not only the possibility of a terrible encounter at the religious program. But also more than the public knows with Janna Duggar’s brother, Josh Duggar. You can watch more of this family on TLC Tuesday nights at 8 pm.

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