‘Family By The Ton’ Spoilers: Shavonne Owens Prepares For Final Reveal – Anderson Family Experiences Life Changes

Family By The Ton spoilers show Shavonne Owens preparing for her final reveal. The Anderson family throw a party to celebrate their accomplishments. They also have been making moves in their lives. Naomi Anderson still wants to have a baby. Chitoka Light visits with a plastic surgeon for skin removal. Drew Stewart takes another shot at finding love. On the season finale, The Anderson family close another chapter of their weight loss.

Family By The Ton Spoilers: Shavonne Owens Takes Center Stage

Shavonne Owens is ready for her weight loss surgery. Family By The Ton spoilers reveal she decides to not have a “fat funeral.” Instead Shavonne gets rid of all the unhealthy food without having a single bite. She didn’t want to take two steps back. Especially when she is about to take one step forward with getting the weight loss surgery. The weight loss surgery marks a new chapter of Shavonne Owens’ life.

Family By The Ton spoilers reveal the Anderson family throwing a party for Shavonne. They want her to have the chance to show off her progress just like they had the chance to. Shavonne Owens prepares to take center stage and reveal her weight loss. It is her time in the spotlight. She has a lot to celebrate. It was not easy getting to the point where she is at now.

More To Celebrate For The Andersons

The Anderson family have a lot to celebrate on Family By The Ton. Each member has embarked on a life changing journey. Despite experiencing some minor set backs, the Andersons have accomplished so much. Together they overcame many obstacles. They also dealt with heartbreaking situations. However, these moments only made them closer as a family.

The Andersons will celebrating their current weight loss accomplishments on the next episode. The party is thrown is for Shavonne Owens. However, the Anderson family take the opportunity to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. To celebrate how far they have come since the very beginning of their weight loss.

Anderson Family Moves Forward

Family By The Ton spoilers indicate that Chitoka visits a plastic surgeon office. She wants to move forward with getting skin removed from her arms. However, visiting the doctor proves to be more difficult than she thought. In order to get into the office she must climb stairs. For Chitoka stairs are like “deadlifting 500 lbs.” Will she be able to make it into the office?

Drew has been making moves in his dating life. Naomi set him up with one of her friends. However, that date didn’t go too well. Now Naomi has set up Drew with another one of her friends closer to his age. More FBTT spoilers show Drew revealing a little too much information about himself to his date. He admits that he probably told her too much. Will Drew’s date be the one for him?

Watch as they close another chapter in their weight loss journey on Family By The Ton on TLC.

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