‘Family By The Ton’ Spoilers: Naomi Anderson Seeks Professional Help After Miscarriage – Family Strengthens Bond

Family By The Ton spoilers show Naomi Anderson seeking professional help with her family after suffering a miscarriage. The Anderson’s have not been making any progress with their weight loss journey. In hopes to get everyone back on track they attend a group therapy session.

Naomi Anderson’s mom, Beverly Anderson admits that she rarely losses control. However, after losing her mother she suffered a major set back. During a visit with Dr Charles Procter, Shavonne Owens gets the news she was hoping for. Will the Anderson family be able to make it through these difficult obstacles?

Family By The Ton – Naomi Anderson Suffers Miscarriage

Naomi Anderson started her losing weight focus on her health. She also wanted to be in a state where she would be able to start a family. Without the chance of having any major complications. However, her dreams of being a mom were shattered when her boyfriend broke up with her. With a new man in her life, Naomi is given another chance at finding love and starting a family.

Family By The Ton spoilers report that Naomi Anderson had suffered a miscarriage. Initially she didn’t tell anyone about the miscarriage. However, when she told one family member the news spread quickly. Chitoka Light explains that after she found out about the miscarriage she knew that they would need to seek help together.

Drew Stewart Makes Poor Decisions

After finding out that he had gained weight, Drew Stewart knew he had to make some changes. He met up with a nutritionist to help get him back on track. Drew also started to get back to a workout regime. It has proven to be hard for him to lose weight after the one year mark.

Family By The Ton spoilers detail Dr. Procter telling Drew Stewart that someone in his family has to step up and question “why are we doing this?” Drew knows that he has made some poor decisions in the past. However, he hopes that these decisions don’t influence or affect anyone else in a negative way. He is aware that some one in the family has to keep everyone in check to make sure they all succeed.

Shavonne Owens Has Fat Funeral

Shavonne has taken the next step in her weight loss goals. Dr. Procter has approved her for weight loss surgery. The surgery date is booked. Now all she has to do is prepare for the surgery and recovery. Shavonne is the last family member to get the surgery done. She has been able to see what the surgery and the recovery process is like. Now it is her time to experience it first hand.

Family By The Ton spoilers reveal Shavonne having a “fat funeral.” She wants to be able to say goodbye to all her favorite foods one last time. Naomi Anderson is there to witness the feast. However, she is not on board and thinks it’s a bad idea. Naomi thought that they were all on the same page. She questions what Shavonne is doing.

Follow the Anderson’s weight loss adventure on a new episode of TLC’s Family By The Ton.

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