‘Family By The Ton’ Spoilers: Naomi Anderson Called Out For Weight Gain – Family Lost Sight Of Goals

Family By The Ton spoilers reveal that Naomi Anderson getting called out by Shavonne Owens about her weight gain. Shavonne is the newest member to join the Andersons on their weight loss journey. It has been one year since the beginning of their journey. Some family members have gained weight. Others haven’t lost enough weight. Shavonne Owens is worried that they may have lost sight of their goals. Will Shavonne be able to get her family back on track?

Family By The Ton Soilers: Naomi Anderson Sees Weight Gain

During Naomi Anderson’s one year check up with Dr. Procter she finds out that she has gained weight according to Family By The Ton spoilers. She admits that she has been doing everything that she shouldn’t be. However, the amount of weight she gained shocks her. It is not what she wants to see happen. Therefore, she knows that moving forward she can’t lose focus.

Naomi Anderson did not gain a pound up until her one year mark. She was on the right track. She admits that things do happen. It is hard to deal with the fact that she gained weight. However, she acknowledges that she has to deal with it and keep moving. Gaining more weight is not an option.

Shavonne Owens Questions Family’s Dedication

Shavonne has decided to join her family on their weight loss quest. She may be a year behind, but she has the advantage of having people who know what she is about to go through. Since they have already been through the beginning stages of losing weight. Shavonne Owens has seen everyone else go through surgery and start their journey. However, she has also seen them fall off track.

In new episodes of Family By The Ton, Shavonne will call out Naomi and her family for their lack of progress. Naomi Anderson is not happy about being called out on her weight gain. She acknowledges that she has put on some weight. Naomi came to the pool to hang out and have a good time, not to be reminded that she is heavier than she used to be.

Anderson Family Loses Sight Of Goals

Family By The Ton spoilers indicate Naomi Anderson is not the only one who gained weight. Shavonne explains that other members have either gained weight or aren’t losing enough weight. They aren’t were they should be a year out from surgery. She adds that some of them aren’t eating healthy. Therefore, their weight loss is not where it is suppose to be.

Shavonne Owens says that her family is her inspiration for her weight loss. She is able to ask them questions. Since they have already been through it all. However, she worries that they may have lost sight of her family’s goals. This could be the reason for their unwanted weight gain. If they lose sight it will make it harder for her to even start her journey. Their support is important to her.

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