‘Family By The Ton’ Spoilers: Naomi Anderson and Family Back – Dr Procter Fears Excessive Weight Gain

Family By The Ton spoilers reveal that Naomi Anderson and family are back. She and cousins Chitoka Light and Drew Stewart made their first appearance on season one of the TLC show. Together they originally weighed over 2,000 pounds. Their weight loss journey was inspired by Naomi’s mother, Beverly Anderson, who underwent weight loss surgery.

Together they overcame many obstacles. The family seemed to be headed in the right direction. However, the surgery was just the beginning. Now we get to see their struggles with post-surgery challenges. Dr Charles Procter Jr is afraid the Anderson group could return to their original weight and possibly gain more.

Family By The Ton: Naomi Anderson Feels Like She Failed

Naomi Anderson’s weight loss was far from easy. During her time on Family By The Ton, she lost over 100 pounds, went through surgery and dealt with a breakup. She may have slipped up with her diet after filming, but she is ready to get her weight back on track.

Family By The Ton spoilers reveal Naomi Anderson admitting that she failed herself. Keeping up with a weight loss regime proves to be difficult for her. Naomi feels like a failure. She is not happy with where she is headed if a change isn’t made. However, she is not ready to give up and wants to get back to where she was before she felt like she failed.

Dr Charles Procter Worries About Health Issues

Family By The Ton spoilers show Dr Procter expressing his concerns for the Anderson cousins’ health. He feels like he must get everyone back on track before they suffer major health issues. He believes this is a wake up call for them. They could all potentially “go back to the weight they were before and even more”.

Dr. Procter fears that the Anderson family could gain excessive weight. This could be dangerous for them. He believes that there is a chance they could have a stroke. Having a stroke is very serious and can be fatal. If nothing is done to change the path they are on, it’s likely things will only get worse. Therefore, something must be done or they may be in jeopardy.

Anderson Family Post-Surgery Struggles on Family By The Ton

With surgery for weight loss behind them, the Anderson cousins face new challenges. Keeping the pounds off and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are top goals. Some believe the surgery was a quick fix, but it’s not a permanent solution. There’s lots to do for the surgery to have long-term success. Constantly putting in the work proves to be hard for these cousins.

Family By The Ton spoilers indicate that Naomi Anderson and her family is starting to struggle. Drew is having a difficult time dealing with his eating habits. Chitoka admits that she isn’t “doing everything right.” However, together again they are going to do whatever it takes to get their weight loss goals back on track. It’s not going to be easy, but they are in it together.

Follow the Anderson Family’s weight loss adventure on a new episode of Family By The Ton on TLC.

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