‘Family By The Ton’ Spoilers: Ed Barnes’ Weight Loss Surgery Worries Family

Family By The Ton spoilers reveal Ed Barnes will have weight loss surgery on the TLC show. His family questions him about the surgery and express their concerns. Ed is a big part of the King family’s weight loss journey. His surgery day is approaching.

Clearly, the planned operation raised some questions from his family. Because they want to make sure he understands the dangers of the procedure and is fully ready. Recovery won’t be easy for Ed Barnes. However, his wife and children are there to show their support.

Family By The Ton Spoilers: Ed Barnes Hits Weight Loss Milestone

Ed Barnes is a retired fire fighter. He admits that his weight made it hard for him to do his job. At one point, Ed Barnes had an incident at work where he was carrying a hose and it felt like he was having a heart attack.  Back then, Ed feared his weight could get someone hurt – so he retired at a young age. So, he knew at that point that his weight was an issue. Something had to be done about it.

He is now ready to take the next step in his weight loss quest. In the Family By The Ton spoiler, Ed’s surgery day approaches. Getting this surgery is a huge milestone to achieve his weight goals. It marks the beginning of his new life. It also gives him the chance to no longer fear the worst when it comes to his health. Now, he seems to be on a journey of living a more healthy life.

Ed’s Family Has a Ton Of Questions

Not only does Ed’s weight affect his life, but also that of his wife and children. He is aware that his weight impacts those around him. Plus, he doesn’t want his children to have to worry about their father.  Ed Barnes doesn’t want them to worry their father is going to die. Also, he said he wants to be see his children grow up. He wants to be there for them their whole life.

In the Family By The Ton spoilers, Ed Barnes says his children have been asking questions about the surgery. One daughter asks if he’s nervous. Her dad says: “very, very nervous”. He is aware that pre-op may be the last time his children get to speak to him. There are always risks with any type of surgery. His entire family seems aware of that. However, this surgery could save Ed’s life if it helps him lose the weight he needs to.

King Family Weight Loss Journey Continues

The Family By The Ton star is the third of the King family to undergo surgery to lose weight. Amanda Johnson was the first to have the procedure. Plus, Casey King has been seeing a doctor for his weight. However, Casey admits that he is afraid of getting any type of surgery done.

Amy Long is also planning to have the weight loss operation. But she knows that there is a chance she may not wake up after surgery. However, she knows she has to be strong for Casey to give him the reassurance he needs so he’ll get his surgery too.

The members of the King family are all at different stages of their weight goals, but are all still in it together. They vowed to help and support each other along the way. The Kings slimming down odyssey continues. Find out the results of Ed Barnes’ weight loss surgery on the new episode on TLC tonight.

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