‘Dynasty’ Spoilers: Liz Gillies Promises ‘Unhinged’ Fallon Carrington as Season 3 Kicks Off

Dynasty spoilers promise interesting tidbits on Season 3 including some from Fallon Carrington portrayer Elizabeth Gillies. Last we saw her, she was doing double duty with some major mama drama. So, will Liz Gillies be embodying both roles again this season? Or did The CW finally replace Nicolette Sheridan? Take a look at the latest scoop on Season 3 and a look at S3 E1 Guilt Trip to Alaska airing Friday, October 11.

Dynasty Spoilers: Liz Gillies On “Unhinged” Fallon Carrington

A fan hit up the Fallon Carrington actress on Twitter and asked how unhinged she’d be on the new season on a scale of 1 to 10 and she said an 11. That promises high drama and things pick up with more questions about the bodies in the lake. This season kicks off on the night of a fundraiser for the Carrington Foundation and all the key players are there.

Of course, that includes Fallon Carrington herself and Liam Ridley (Adam Huber). One of the bodies, naturally, is Fallon’s high school pal Trixie Tate (Jessie Goei). She fell down some stairs at Casa Carrington and wound up a corpse that got dredged. Awkward… She may be dead, but Fallon Carrington’s old school chum gets some air time in flashbacks, promise Dynasty spoilers for this episode.

Who Dumped the Bodies? Carringtons Left Scrambling on Season Premiere

Back in the day, trusted butler Anders (Alan Dale) told Fallon Carrington he’d “take care of it” after Trixie took a tumble. But did he send her school pal out for a dirt nap in the family lake? The Carringtons gird their loins and circle the wagons to protect themselves from any nasty allegations. And that means Blake Carrington (Grant Show) and recast Cristal Carrington (Daniella Alonso) need to talk.

Of course, Cristal wasn’t around back then, so it’s less her problem. It’s just more business as usual with Carrington chaos. As for Anders, he doesn’t want to go down for his ex-employers since he’s happily working with Sam (Rafael de la Fuente) at his hotel. But they’re both there for Fallon as she reels from this ordeal, say Dynasty spoilers.

Double Crosses and Dilemmas on Dynasty Season 3

There’s also more trouble to explore, say Dynasty spoilers, because Dominique Deveraux (Michael Michele) never planted the evidence to frame Adam Carrington (Sam Underwood). So, Adam’s free to run amok and make trouble, infuriating his family at every turn. And while Steven Carrington hasn’t been around, his portrayer James Mackay has a credit in the season opener. So, don’t miss that.

Also, Michael Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley) remains behind bars on Dynasty. Spoilers have him still insisting he was framed. Later, Kirby Anders (Maddison Brown) visits Culhane in jail, but can she help? She also finds she’s unwelcome at Chez Carrington. That could be about that double-cross on Femperial last season when she screwed over Fallon.

Plus, there’s also more trouble ahead for Fallon Carrington as loverboy Liam’s got a tween kid that should pop up in S3 – and he has an accident tonight… But most of the season opener is party fouls and cops as law enforcement overruns the gala at the mansion. They want answers on the Carrington-adjacent corpses and won’t go away quietly. Don’t miss any of the action tonight on The CW as Season 3 premieres.

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