‘Double Shot At Love’ Spoilers: Marissa Lucchese Opens Up To Pauly DelVecchio

Double Shot At Love spoilers reveal that Marissa Lucchese starts to open up to Pauly DelVecchio. It hasn’t been easy for her to get some alone time with Pauly. She fears that the boys will think that she is shy. She also doesn’t want them to think that she may not be into them. Therefore, she decides to take her chance and steal Pauly away from Nikki Hall. Will this one-on-one time allow the Jersey Shore DJ to get to know Marissa a little more?

Double Shot At Love Spoilers: Marissa Lucchese Takes Nikki Away From Pauly

Marissa Lucchese hasn’t had much time to get to know the boys. She doesn’t want to come across as shy or that she isn’t interested in either Vinny or Pauly. However, with Nikki spending so much time with Pauly she hasn’t had the opportunity to take him aside. To make sure he knows that she is serious about finding love, Marissa cuts Nikki’s time with Pauly short.

Double Shot At Love spoilers show Marissa Lucchese interrupting Nikki and Pauly. While they were getting close on the stairs. Marissa says “let’s go Pauly, come on.” She says to Nikki “sorry, you got to share.” It’s Marissa’s time for her double shot at love.

New York Native Starts To Open Up

Marissa Lucchese finally gets some alone time with Pauly DelVecchio. She expresses that she is tired of always seeing him spend time with Nikki. She believes Nikki should give the other girls a chance to get to talk to Pauly. Therefore, she takes this opportunity to open up more to Pauly.

Double Shot At Love spoilers explain that Marissa Lucchese has been through a lot. She tells Pauly that her parents recently separated. She states that “it’s hard.” Marissa expresses that she is very independent. Through this conversation, she sees that the Jersey Shore guido is a genuine guy. She admits she is starting to like him.

Pauly DelVecchio Starts To Feel A Connection

Pauly DelVecchio deals with a lot of drama in the house. He wants to be able to get to know all the girls. However, it hasn’t been easy for him. When Marissa pulls him aside he is down to get to know her more. However, by spending time with Marissa it makes him realize that there might be a connection between them.

Double Shot At Love spoilers indicate that Pauly DelVecchio is starting to feel a connection with Marissa Lucchese. He admits that at first glance Marissa is the type of girl he would date in the past. However, now that he is getting to know her more he “feels a little more of a connection with Marissa.” He believes that “the way she is opening up to me is great.” He adds that he “feels good that someone can do that.”

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