‘Double Shot At Love’: Pauly DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino Challenge Ladies To Unpack Emotional Baggage

Double Shot At Love spoilers indicate Pauly DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino challenge the ladies to unpack their emotional baggage. Everyone has baggage when it comes to entering a new relationship. However, Vinny and Pauly don’t want the ladies’ past relationship issues to hold them back. Therefore, Pauly and Vinny put the remaining ladies to the test. Winner gets a private date with either Pauly D or Vinny. Who will be one step closer to their double shot at love?

Double Shot At Love – Pauly DelVecchio Airs Out Baggage

Pauly DelVecchio admits that he does have baggage. However, his baggage is public. When it comes to his life there is no secrets. Pauly feels like if these ladies want to be a part of his world they should release their baggage as well. Pauly believes that in this process these ladies need to be able to let go of those emotional burdens.

Double Shot At Love spoilers show Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly DelVecchio revealing what they think each ladies’ baggage is. Pauly explains that as the ladies start to open up to him and Vinny Guadagnino more, they have been able to understand what each ladies’ baggage might be. However, Pauly admits that he “feels a little bad calling these women out on their baggage.”

Vinny Guadagnino Helps Release Baggage With A Challenge

Vinny Guadagnino wants to help these ladies move past the things that are holding them back. It is hard for Vinny and Pauly DelVecchio to get to know these girls when something is making them guarded. Vinny reveals that this challenge will help these ladies untangle their hearts. It may not be literally, but it is a challenge that involves untangling a heart.

Double Shot At Love spoilers explains the concept of the challenge that the ladies will be participating in. The goal of the game “is to unlock the lock of love.” Pauly D and Vinny explain that each lady will be attached to a rope that they must untangle. Once they are untangled they can find the code hidden in their luggage to unlock their lock. The first lady unlocked will win a private spa date with the man of their choosing.

Fans Discuss Potential Winner

There are two types of Double Shot At Love fans. They are either team Nikki Hall or totally against her. When it comes to winning this challenge, many fans don’t want Nikki to win. One fan said “please for the love of god let anyone win except Nikki.”

On the other hand, some Double Shot At Love viewers want to see Nikki Hall win. However, they only want her to win just to see the other girls get mad. A fan said “I hope Nikki win to make y’all mad.” Nikki has been spending a lot of alone time with Pauly DelVecchio, which doesn’t sit well with the other girls.

Double Shot At Love is on Thursdays on MTV.

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