‘Double Shot At Love’: Pauly DelVecchio Welcomes Ladies Into His World – Derynn Paige Makes A Move

Double Shot At Love spoilers reveal that Pauly DelVecchio welcomes the ladies into his DJing world. Pauly is a full-time DJ who is constantly traveling for gigs. To let the ladies know what his world is all about he brings them to one of his gigs. While the ladies settle down in their hotel room, Derynn Paige takes the opportunity to visit Pauly in his room. She makes a move and lets him know her feelings towards him. Will this hotel visit help Derynn get closer to Pauly — or will she be the next lady to have a cab called for her?

Double Shot At Love spoilers: Pauly DelVecchio Gets A Surprise Visit

Pauly DelVecchio shows the ladies a day in his life. He brings them with him to one of his djing gigs. When arriving at the hotel, Pauly lets the girls know that he will not be staying with them. He has his own room. Derynn Paige jokingly says “I didn’t sign up for this.” From the start Derynn had other plans. Which includes alone time with the Jersey Shore DJ.

Double Shot At Love spoilers show Pauly DelVecchio getting a knock on his door. He receives a surprise visit at his hotel room. Derynn Paige decides to go to his room while all the other girls are taking a nap. Pauly is happy to see her. Since he is “used to lonely hotel rooms.” He reveals that having “Derynn in my suite, like I can get used to this.”

Derynn Paige Expresses Feelings Towards Pauly

Derynn Paige hasn’t had much alone time with Pauly DelVecchio. The last time they spent time together was during a swan date at the beginning of the season. However, during that date Pauly did find out that Derynn “can make the best out of every situation.” Therefore, it is no surprise that she is sneaking into his room when everyone else is asleep.

Double Shot At Love spoilers indicate that it is hard for Derynn Paige to show Pauly DelVecchio affection in front of everyone else. She admits that she is “not a big like PDA person.” However, Derynn does let him know that she does have feelings for him. Derynn doesn’t show affection towards Pauly in public. Therefore, she is talking this one-on-one time to make moves and get a kiss from him.

Opinions Run High With DSAL Fans

Double Shot At Love fans love that Derynn Paige goes into the Jersey Shore star’s room. One fan commented that “Derynn is perfect for Pauly.” While another fan was glad to see Derynn “on the couch with Pauly.” However, one viewer was just “happy to see him with someone besides Nikki.” Some love her, while others can’t stand her.

Not every Double Shot At Love fan is team Derynn. One fan believes that Derynn “puts on this character when around the boys.” Many fans expressed that she needs to go home. However, in the end the decision is up to Pauly DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino. Will a cab be called for Derynn? Find out on an all new episode of MYV’s Double Shot At Love.

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