‘Double Shot at Love’: Pauly DelVecchio Attracts All the Crazy Ladies – Vinny Guadagnino Told to Open Up More

Double Shot At Love spoilers reveal that Pauly DelVecchio attracts all the crazy ladies. While Vinny Guadagnino is told he needs to open up more. Despite being called crazy, Angelina Pivarnick likes Nikki Hall. Angelina is there to help the boys figure out who will be able to handle their lifestyle in the real world. Will Nikki be able to handle life with Pauly? Will Vinny start to open up more?

Double Shot At Love – Pauly DelVecchio Is A Crazy Girl Magnet

Pauly DelVecchio has dealt with a lot of drama so far. From dealing with fan girl Holly Gurbisz to unpredictable Nikki Hall. Pauly definitely has his hands full. However, with so much drama going on Pauly feels like he doesn’t get the chance to get to know the other girls.

Double Shot At Love spoilers indicate that Pauly DelVecchio is a crazy girl magnet. Angelina Pivarnick tells Pauly that “all the crazy girls really do like you.” Pauly adds that “they know we have a good connection.” It looks like Pauly D really does attract all the crazy ladies. However, love does make you do crazy things so you can’t blame these ladies.

Vinny Guadagnino Shutting Down

Vinny Guadagnino has always been the shy one within the Jersey Shore crew. However, Vinny has never been the one to shy away from expressing how he feels. During his time on Double Shot At Love Vinny has let a few ladies know how he truly feels about them. However, with only spending time with a few ladies the other ladies are starting to believe that Vinny is shutting down.

Double Shot At Love spoilers explain that Vinny Guadagnino is told he needs to open up more. Angelina Pivarnick lets Vinny know that “everyone is trying to say you don’t open up.” In which Pauly agrees. However, Vinny thinks otherwise. He says “don’t say everyone.” Vinny adds “the ones that I talk to know how I feel.”


Angelina Pivarnick Is Team Crazy

Angelina Pivarnick gets to know the ladies without the Jersey Shore bros being around. She notices that there are some crazy personalities in the group. However, she isn’t against being crazy. She is actually all about team crazy. Besides her and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew made a living off of being crazy so who are they to judge.

Double Shot At Love spoilers show Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly DelVecchio asking Angelina Pivarnick for her advice about the fact that some of the girls are saying Nikki is crazy. Vinny asks “is Nikki crazy?” Angelina responds that “she’s a hot crazy.” She adds ” I kind of like her.” Will Nikki’s cab be here at the next cab ceremony– or is she here to stay?

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