‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’: Grim Outlook on Future Romance – Beth Chapman One True Soul Mate

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane Chapman prompted online chatter recently when he was seen with another woman and some outlets called it “date”. Duane did have dinner out, and there was another woman there, but she was one of the eight people who ate together.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: On a Date – No Way

It looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter had a business dinner with his team but that information didn’t seem to make the headlines. It also looks like some reports failed to mention a few things regarding this dinner. Some people suggested Dog was photographed with a woman just weeks after Beth Chapman passed away.

But instead of one woman as a dinner guest, the grieving husband had dinner with a group of people he works with. That woman pointed out as Duane Chapman’s dinner date is part of the team. She’s a close friend of the family, who was also close to Beth Chapman as well.

In a recent interview, Dog the Bounty Hunter talked about having a hard time with Beth gone. He also shared how he sleeps with her ashes by his bed each night. During that interview, a pink box holding Beth’s ashes sat on the table nearby. Dog appears just as devoted to Beth these days as he ever was.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Duane Chapman - Beth Chapman

Beth Chapman Still a Big Part of Dog’s Life

Beth Chapman knew she faced a terminal diagnosis so she made arrangements ahead of time for that day. She requested that Dog the Bounty Hunter scatter her ashes at a few of her favorite places.

She then wanted him to save some of her ashes in a container. When Dog dies, she requested that they combine his ashes with hers and then buried together. But Dog the Bounty Hunter couldn’t scatter the ashes as Beth wished.

He said that it would feel as if he was throwing part of her away. So he keeps them all together in a beautiful box at home. Beth Chapman died in June after a battle with cancer. Duane Chapman didn’t answer when asked just months after Beth Chapman’s death if he’d ever date again.

Although his daughter Bonnie Chapman knew the answer and passed it along on Instagram. She said Beth was her father’s one true soul mate. She believes her dad will remain single. As far as another marriage in the future, that’s not going to happen, according to his daughter.

No way does Bonnie see Dog the Bounty Hunter in another marriage in the future. She also said what she witnessed from her father and Beth made her believe that love truly does exist.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Message Comes From Beth

The new video above of Duane Chapman talking to reporters appears to indicate he still feels a strong connection with his wife. He said that Beth Chapman contacted a psychic to tell Dog the recent robbery that took place in their store was an inside job.

The police are investigating the robbery and reports indicate the investigation leads them to the Colorado business itself. It sounds as if they believe the suspect or suspects knew how the business was run. It looks like the suspects knew where to go and what to scoop up when it comes to the high-end items.

The new spinoff show from Dog the Bounty Hunter airs in a few weeks. Dog’s Most Wanted offers Beth Chapman in her last episodes as she filmed the new show with her husband. She joined the team to hunt down criminals at large despite battling her illness.

The cast and crew of Dog’s Most Wanted joined together for dinner while in Los Angeles promoting the new show. This is where people spotted Dog at dinner. Fans of the couple hopped online to share how Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman had the kind of relationship people dream about. It sounds like his daughter Bonnie can’t see her dad attempting another relationship after Beth.

WGN America leads up to the new show by airing a Dog The Bounty Hunter marathon starting September 3, 2019. Then the premiere of Dog’s Most Wanted rolls out on September 4.

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