Did ‘South Park’ Get Canceled?

South Park fans are freaking out after last night’s airing of the South ParQ Vaccination Special, which highlights Cartman trying to protect his “broship”. However, with the way the episode ended, it’s leaving many fans wondering if South Park is officially done for.

South Park: Walgreens Is The Hottest Place in Town

At the beginning of the Vaccination Special, there’s a large line out front of a Walgreens store in South Park. While people are impatiently waiting in line, there’s a security guard standing outside of the store, looking at the checklist. Residents of the town are begging the bouncer to let them into the store, but he refuses. The security guard clarifies that he’s only allowing first-responders and elderly people into the shop.

Why is Walgreens such a hot spot in the town? With loud clubbing music clearly coming from the store, it seems that this shop is the only place in town offering vaccines from COVID-19.

South Park: Eric - Kenny - Kyle - Stan

Cartman & The Gang – Are They Broken Up?

On South Park, it’s clear that things aren’t the way they used to be between Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan. Cartman talks to Stan and Kyle about a period prank that he and Kenny are pulling on their new teacher. Eric talks about how he and Kenny noticed that their new teacher’s wearing white pants and they want to trick her into thinking she got her period in the middle of class.

However, Kyle and Stan fight back against this idea in South Park. This is because they’re afraid they’re going to get sent back to remote learning. Also, Stan and Kyle talk about how they want things to go back to normal.

After putting ketchup on the teacher’s chair, Cartman and Kenny crack up. As the woman freaks out, she realizes that she’s the victim of a prank, and quits her job. Now, the entire fourth-grade class is hating against the group of friends. As Kyle, Eric, Kenny, and Stan are walking home, Butters peaks his head out of his bedroom window. It’s clear that Butters still isn’t able to go to school, as he’s very upset that he didn’t see the period prank.

South Park: Eric - Kenny - Kyle - Stan

South Park: Is The Show Finally Over?

After stealing vaccines from the Walgreens in South Park and fighting against QAnons who are trying to destroy the vaccine, the boys finally deliver the stolen shots to the faculty at their school. Before the episode wraps up, Stan, Kyle, and Eric work together to figure out a schedule of how they’re going to all spend time with Kenny. They all want to spend time with Kenny but don’t want to hang out with each other anymore.

At the end of the episode of South Park, Eric, Stan, and Kyle end their “broship” that Cartman was desperately trying to save. He acknowledges that quarantine causes the downfall of their friendship. But, he tries his best to keep it from completely falling apart. However, the three boys end up finding their separate ways.

The breakup of the “broship” on South Park is leaving many fans wondering if it’s the end of the show. However, it doesn’t appear that South Park is done yet. This is because the show’s renewal runs into 2022.

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