Demi Lovato Overdose: Friend Administers Narcan to Unresponsive Demi, Calls 911

Demi Lovato had a close call last night after being found unconscious from overdosing on an unspecified drug. The singer/actress had an all-night party at her place and she was found unconscious by her friend in the morning. Lovato’s friend was carrying the drug in case something like this occurred.

Demi Lovato Given Narcan By Friend

According to Your Tango, Lovato’s friends were worried about her recently. A source is quoted as saying,  “One of her friends had Narcan on hand in case something like this happened. Her friends knew this was coming because she’s been using so much again.”

When paramedics arrived, the two friends who were with her at the house were “hysterical.” Demi was in trouble after overdosing on an unspecified drug. But her friends jumped into action with the Narcan to save her life.

Not Cooperative?

Police report once Demi woke up she refused to tell them what drug she used. They also report that no drugs were found at the scene.

At first, the reports indicated that Lovato had overdosed on Heroin, but her rep came forth and said that is not the case. She has been very open about her drug use in the past and her struggle for sobriety.

Friends Saw Demi Lovato Getting Out of Control

Last year she did a documentary titled, Simply Complicated. In this footage, she described her addictions to cocaine, alcohol, and Oxycontin. She talked about feeling as if she was overdosing on the combination of drugs one night. She said she started to choke and she could feel her heart racing at the time.

Since that time she sought help and has worked hard at sobriety. But it does sound as if she fell back into using again. Especially now that her friends admit they had worried about her. One of her friends even carried Narcan with her because she was worried about how far Demi would go.

Demi was rushed to the hospital and the latest reports indicate she is awake. Reports also indicate her family and close friends are there with her.

Was it Oxycontin?

With Demi’s rep reporting it was not heroin she overdosed on suggestions are emerging that she may have gone back to using Oxycontin. This is a drug she was once addicted to and it could be she has relapsed and used it once again.

Her friends reportedly said that she was clearly in “the danger zone” the week before she relapsed. Demi is in the best place she can be right now, in the hospital getting help.