‘Days of Our Lives’: Xander Twist Ahead – Really Sarah’s Baby Daddy?

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint a twist with Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) and Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey). Now, he’s devastated because Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) won’t let him near a little Mickey Horton (May twins). But this twist could ensure Xander’s never denied access to the baby again. Because he might be her bio dad. While no on-screen action backs this up, knowing the headwriter, it’s more than possible.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Paternity Test Pointed to Xander Cook

DOOL spoilers remind that Xander Cook rigged the DNA test of baby Mickey. That means there was never a “real” paternity screening done. Instead, he simply manipulated the test results and that took care of it. But, there’s room for a big twist on Days of Our Lives.

Spoilers know that Eric raged when Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) finally told him the truth that he’s Mickey’s father. He ran right over and insisted they wake the baby and then went off on Xander Cook and Sarah Horton. But there might be more to this story ahead on Days of Our Lives.

Now, though, little Mickey’s cancer diagnosis throws everything and turmoil. Because, Sarah Horton takes her baby and leaves town for treatment with Eric at her side. Days of Our Lives spoilers show Eric refuses to let Xander near them. So Xander Cook’s left behind devastated and Sarah Horton goes.

DOOL Spoilers: Xander Cook May Really Be Mickey’s Daddy

Days of Our Lives spoilers shown on-screen only support the idea that Eric’s the biological father. But that doesn’t mean that the NBC soap won’t change it around. Back when showrunner Ron Carlivati was the top writer at General Hospital, he pulled off a huge paternity twist. And might be doing it at DOOL.

On GH, Sabrina Santiago was in a relationship with Michael Corinthos and turned up pregnant. But, later in the pregnancy, thanks to Ron’s wacky writing, they changed the baby’s paternity out of nowhere to her criminal ex-boyfriend. Yet, that guy (Carlos Rivera) never bedded her during that time.

Instead, Carlivati wrote an after-the-fact flashback on GH to show that they’d had a one-night stand. Similarly, Days of Our Lives spoilers could drop a flashback scene where a devastated Sarah Horton took comfort in Xander Cook’s arms. After all, Sarah Horton did it before. That would set up the dad change.

Days of Our Lives Chatter – Baby Swaps and Paternity

Because DOOL films so far ahead, info leaks out sometimes. With baby Mickey, there’s been talk of some sort of baby swap. Some wondered if JJ swapped the baby with Kristen’s for revenge which makes no sense because Kristen killed Haley AFTER her baby died. There’s also rumors that Xander swapped it.

Insane rumors suggest Sarah’s baby died and he took Kristen’s child. But, wouldn’t it be better for Xander if the link between Sarah and Eric was gone? Then he and Sarah Horton could make a baby of their own. So, that rumor also makes no sense. The other prevailing Days of Our Lives talk is about a paternity swap.

DOOL – Xarah Fans Would Be Thrilled

Given how smug Eric’s been and how many Days fans love the Xander Cook-Sarah Horton pairing, swapping paternity from the ex-priest to the ex-criminal makes sense. And, Days of Our Lives spoilers recall Carlivati’s got a history with plots just like this. And he loves to revisit storylines (that’s why they call him Re-Ron).

For now, Days of Our Lives spoilers have Sarah Horton and her daughter off-screen for a few weeks while Xander Cook’s got drama back in Salem. But, this cancer crisis could reveal Eric is not Mickey’s bio-father. And that could lead Sarah Horton to discover a paternity match with Mickey and Xander Cook.

So, wait and see how this all plays out on the NBC sudser.

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