‘Days of Our Lives’: Stacy Haiduk as Kristen DiMera- Grade Her Performance So Far

Days of Our Lives has brought back Kristen DiMera (now played by Stacy Haiduk, formerly played by Eileen Davidson). Kristen returned to Salem this fall with revenge on her mind. Previously, everyone in Salem thought that she was dead after falling from a window during a fight with Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). But now, Kristen is alive and well — and back in Salem.

Days of Our Lives: Stacy Haiduk Steps Into Iconic Role

It’s no doubt that Eileen Davidson created an iconic Days of Our Lives’ character that would be hard for any actor to replace. When it was first announced that Days of Our Lives was looking to potentially recast Kristen DiMera, many fans were split. Some absolutely love Davidson and couldn’t see anyone stepping into the role other than her. Others were willing to give a new actor a shot as long as that meant Kristen would indeed return to Salem.

Stacy Haiduk is no stranger to daytime soap operas. Previously, Haiduk played Patty Williams on The Young and Restless, from 2009 to 2016. Having worked with Eileen Davidson before, Davidson even went on social media to excitedly congratulate Stacy Haiduk on her new take on Kristen!

Stacy Haiduk’s first Days of Our Lives airdate playing both Kristen DiMera and Susan Banks (the mother of EJ DiMera who was also once acted as a doppelganger of Kristen) was August 21, 2018. The last time Kristen was seen was in 2017, when Davidson was still playing her.

Haiduk Immediately Thrown Into High Paced Kristen Storylines

Once fans heard that Kristen DiMera was heading back to Salem, everyone knew it would be dramatic and full of crazy situations. That’s just how Kristen DiMera rolls. Once it became clear through spoilers that Kristen would more than likely show up to say hello during Marlena and John Black’s (Drake Hogestyn) wedding, everyone knew the wedding would end up in chaos.

And the wedding did, indeed, end up in chaos on Days of Our Lives. After revealing that it was actually Kristen pretending to be Susan, Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) accidentally shot her mother, Marlena. Kristen managed to escape, only to then kidnap Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) and then attempt to seduce Brady Black (Eric Martsolf).

Even through these crazy, fast-paced storylines during her first week, Stacy Haiduk managed to seamlessly portray Kristen and Susan in her own way, while also stemming off of the character that Eileen Davidson created. For a novice actor, this would be impossible. But Haiduk isn’t a novice, and she manages to make it look like she’s been playing Kristen DiMera her whole life.

Kristen DiMera Isn’t Slowing Down Anytime Soon on Days of Our Lives

Kristen DiMera is a fan favorite, even if she is the reason why so many characters in Salem have a tough time. The amount of crimes she has committed is enormous. Already, after only being in Salem for one day, she managed to get Marlena shot and in the hospital, looking worse for wear.

Kristen doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon — as many spoilers attest to. This means Stacy Haiduk has much more to work with to really help cement her character and portrayal. However, even if she has only been playing this iconic character for a little bit, she’s already done the character justice. And fans are eagerly waiting for more.


Now that a few weeks have gone by with Stacy Haiduk portraying Kristen DiMera, let us know what you think! Do you think that Haiduk has made the character her own, while also managing to do Eileen Davidson’s portrayal justice? Or will you never be able to truly love Kristen unless Eileen Davidson is playing her? Take the poll below and tell us what you think!



How is Stacy Haiduk Doing?


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