‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Vivian’s Scheme Against Sonny Blows Up In Her Face!

New Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Vivian Alamain’s (Louise Sorrel) master plan to take down Titan Industries may have just hit a major snag. Fans know that Vivian has been obsessed with the Kiriakis family for years, especially with Victor Kiriakis (John Anniston). She’s even gone as far as stealing an embryo from Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) and having it implanted into her. Then Vivian gave birth to the child and trying to pass it off as her and Victor’s love child.

DOOL Spoilers – Vivian’s Obsession Grows

Well, it looks like the obsession has not gone away or ebbed at all. It seems that, according to spoilers, since Vivian can’t get the man she wants she’s determined to destroy the whole family. Fans know that Vivian is diabolical and vindictive. Now it seems that she has turned all of that on destroying Victor’s grandson Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith). Fans know that Sonny has had a really hard time over the past few months.

First, he received the shocking news that his husband Will Horton (Chandler Massey) is still alive. Then when Sonny and Will were finally reunited but then Sonny was devastated all over again when Will has no memory of him and their life together. And the final blow came when Will decided to file for divorce and took up with Sonny’s ex- fiancé Paul Narita (Christopher Sean).

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Sonny’s Stress Growing

In the midst of his personal heartbreak, Sonny has also had to deal with his cousin Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) angling to take his CEO position. Sensing all of the personal and professional strife within the Kiriakis clan Vivian seems to sense it’s the perfect time to strike so she hired Leo (Greg Rikaart) to get close and seduce Sonny in order to learn Titan’s secrets.

However, Days of Our Lives spoilers say it looks like Vivian’s plan is about to blow up in her face. First of all, Leo landed the position as assistant to Titan CEO and while that’s great for getting inside info at the office, Vivian knows that the stuff she needs will most likely be gained through pillow talk. Also, Sonny was very upset when he found out that Leo was going to be his new assistant and called a halt to the relationship.

DOOL's Christopher Sean and Chandler Massey

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Leo Ditches Vivian?

As if that wasn’t enough of a roadblock, Days’ spoilers from Soap Hub indicate that Leo may no longer be willing to play ball with the evil plot Vivian cooked up. According to new DOOL spoilers, Leo may be on his way to developing feelings for young Mr. Kiriakis. Talk about a fly in the ointment! And to add a cherry on top of Vivian’s awful sundae, she and Leo are going to be spotted together by Paul and Will! This is absolutely the worst thing that could happen!

What happens now? Will Leo continue to work for Vivian or will his growing attraction for Sonny mean trouble for the “mistress of mean”? What about Leo? Can he be honest with Sonny and come clean about his earlier motives and redeem himself? Or will Paul and Will get to Sonny first and reveal what they saw? Will Sonny believe any of them and will he ever find happiness again?

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