‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: The Truth About The New Face Of Bella

Days of Our Lives spoilers promise that everything is not as it seems with the New Face of Bella contest. While it looks like Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan) made a miraculous comeback from being down by 80,000 votes to winning by one vote, DOOL spoilers indicate that her victory may have been due to some sketchy circumstance and not a surge of legit votes!

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Tripp Investigates Theo

Fans of Days know that Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) is furious at Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) right now because he voted for Claire. Ciara believes Tripp’s vote was the one that put her rival over the top and gave Claire the victory. But now it seems this may not be the case after all. It turns out Ciara isn’t the only one suspicious of Claire’s astonishing success.

DOOL spoilers reveal Tripp already started digging into the strange results by calling Theo Carver (Kyler Pettis) who is in South Africa, and asking if he repeated the mistake that led to his and Claire’s break-up and bought votes so she’d win the contest. It’s likely Tripp is on the right path, but with the wrong guy, as it turns out Tripp isn’t the only one thinking the contest is rigged.

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Eve Suspects Brady

Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) also deduces that the contest was faked, but she doesn’t think Claire is the culprit. Instead, Eve thinks Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) cheated it so that he would win their bet. If Brady won the wager, then Eve would be forced to give their relationship another chance. Would Brady be that devious? Of course, he’s Brady!

Other Days of Our Lives spoilers say that both Eve and Tripp were right about the contest being rigged, but only one had the right culprit in mind. Tripp was right when he figured out that Claire had done something to rig the contest, but he was wrong about her accomplice. It will be part of hot May sweeps action that begins this week as it comes out that the Face of Bella results were false.

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DOOL Spoilers: Wyatt Is the Guilty Party!

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers from Soap Digest, shared by She Knows, it was Wyatt (Scott Shilstone) who helped Claire win the contest. Wyatt is back in Salem and is trying to make amends to Ciara for manipulating her last Fall. The problem is, it looks like Wyatt is still a troublemaker as he has now caused problems in Ciara’s new relationship with Tripp.

Reportedly, Ciara and Tripp’s issues will be short-lived as the truth will be revealed on Wednesday, April 25. Ciara enlists Tripp to help her set a trap to expose Claire’s cheating ways, so say DOOL spoilers from Soap Central. Ciara and Tripp unite to confront Wyatt and Claire Thursday, April 26. Expect some serious fireworks to fly between these four!

DOOL's Claire and Ciara

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Jealous Claire Targeted Ciara

Days fans will probably suspect that Claire getting Wyatt to help her was about more than just winning the Face of Bella contest. Claire noticed the bond developing between Tripp and Ciara and her little green jealousy horns are sticking up more than ever! Claire seems to be willing to do anything to drive a wedge between the new couple.

DOOL fans also know how much Claire hates to be left out. If Tripp and Ciara become a tight-knit couple, Claire will definitely be a third wheel. Ciara will undoubtedly be angry at Wyatt for once again messing with her life. What will Claire do to Wyatt and will she forgive Tripp What about the contest?

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Will Claire Be Disqualified?

Days of Our Lives viewers must wait and see whether Tripp and Ciara take the vote cheating information to Eve and get Claire disqualified. Or will Ciara decide to be the better person and let Claire keep her dishonest victory? Surely Eve will find out eventually – but will it impact her deal with Brady? Is Eve be in too deep with her heart to get out of Brady’s orbit?

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