‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefano Dimera’s Smug but Ladies Take Him Down

Days of our Lives spoilers hint Stefano DiMera‘s (Stephen Nichols) confident that he’s about to get everything he wants – but ladies will be his downfall. The two things he desires are his Queen of the Night and La Famiglia (the family). But it seems like some strong women ruin him – one he loves and a few he hates on the NBC sudser. See what’s ahead on DOOL.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Stefano DiMera’s Finally Got Marlena Evans

Now, the latest DOOL recap saw Stefano DiMera has Marlena Evans (Diedre Hall) alone and in his lair. After Dr Rolf (William Utay) tweaked Marlena’s brain for him, Stefano’s sure all things will be his. He’s got his queen while Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) acts as his killer agent.

But Stefano DiMera’s success is bad for Patch. Days of our Lives spoilers confirm Steve Johnson’s lost to those that love him as long as “Stevano” is running his body. And we’ve seen that you can’t just shake off Dr Rolf’s brainwashing once that microchip is in there.

But Days of our Lives updates tell us Stefano DiMera’s kidding himself if he thinks Salem will let him take off with Marlena. And it could be some very strong women that take him down. That’s fun in light of the recent International Women’s Day. But which women target Stefano?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Stefano DiMera - Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) - Marlena Evans (Diedre Hall) - Dr Rolf (William Utay)

DOOL Spoilers: Hope Brady Back to Herself – Her Royal Highness Betrayed Stevano

Already, people are upset that Stefano DiMera’s trapped Marlena. Days of our Lives spoilers know John Black (Drake Hogestyn) won’t just give up on her. And, John got Princess Gina, AKA, Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso), to rat out her former partner.

Soon enough, there won’t be a Gina anymore, anyway because Days of our Lives spoilers predict her brain chip’s out soon and then she’s back to being Hope. So, that’s another ally lost to Stefano DiMera. And, she’s the second to turn her back on him. First was Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow).

Kate on Days of our Lives betrayed him recently and sent him scrambling when she ratted all of Stefano’s plans out to Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering). So, Stefano’s lost Kate and next, it’s Gina. His only allies left are brainwashed Chad and ever-loyal Rolf. What’s next, wonder DOOL spoilers?

DOOL Spoilers: Princess Gina (Kristian Alfonso) - Hope Brady - Stefano DiMera (Stephen Nichols)

Time’s Up for Stefano – Days of our Lives Sees His Plan Blow Up in His Face

In addition to former allies, there’s a league of women out to take down Stefano DiMera. First, there’s Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans). She’s on the case of how to get Hope back her life – and Princess Gina out of her head. It’s important because she’ll know she can save Patch, too.

Days of our Lives spoilers this week, see Kayla confirms she can save Hope – and then does it. Now, they just need to get their hands on Marlena and Stefano DiMera, and they can save Doc and Kayla’s man as well. Meanwhile, Stefano’s hoping to get what he wants from Marlena.

And soon, he gets closer to his goal. But Days of our Lives spoilers 4 weeks ahead say by then, Stefano DiMera’s tripped up by women and ousted. Then, he’s back to a face on a family portrait, a soap legend, and an iconic villain. But, Stefano won’t be running around on the NBC soap anymore.

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