‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefan Stabs Vivian In The Back – Ultimate Betrayal!

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Salem has been the land of double crosses in recent years. Now it looks like there could be another one in the works. It seems Stefan DiMera’s (Tyler Christopher) obsession with Abby Deveraux (Marci Miller) may lead him to betray his own mother Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorrel). Stefan is on a collision course with many people in Salem, but what’s ahead with Vivian could be the worst!

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Betrayal Begun – Vivian Trapped!

The latest DOOL spoilers show we’ve already seen the first cracks in the devious duo when Stefan locked Vivian in the tunnels with Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) and Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). Stefan had to ensure they couldn’t reveal that Gabby (aka Gabigail) was really Abby who’s having serious mental health issues. Stefan claims to be in love with Gabby.

Next week, Days spoilers from She Knows promise that Vivian and the other ladies are in a tough spot thanks to Stefan. It seems there is nothing he won’t do to to keep the object of his obsession. He’s denying medical help to a mentally ill woman so that her alter can steal her life and he could possess her body. Stefan has put Abby’s life and the lives of those around her in serious danger all for his own selfish desires.

DOOL ladies are Stefan's prisoners

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Things Change Soon For Stefan

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Soap Central say once it’s revealed that Abby murdered Andre Dimera (Thaao Penghlis), it will make it hard for Stefan to have any say in what happens next. First, there will be legal complications for Abby because of her killing Andre. Even if she can avoid prison due to her mental illness, there is no way Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) will let Stefan anywhere near his wife. Once Chad finds out the truth about how sick she is, Chad will try and cut Stefan out of her life.

Stefan will have no say in what happens to Abby if it goes the way Chad wants. But what if Stefan could keep Abby free and help her avoid arrest? If he could pin Andre’s murder on someone else, he could keep Abby out of prison and away from the psych ward. Stefan would do anything to make that happen and that means ANYTHING. That may include offering up his own mother to the police as Andre’s murderer and telling them that she bashed him over the head with the urn.

Could it be that Stefan isn’t really a DiMera?

Could Stefan Pin Andre’s Murder on Vivian?

Days of Our Lives spoilers wonder if Stefan tried this stunt, how would he explain Abby being there, having the bloody lid in her hand, and wearing Gabi Hernandez’s (Camilla Banus) coat? No matter what happens next, it is glaringly obvious that Stefan will do anything to protect Abby if only to keep her alter Gabby around. However, Gabby can’t stay in control forever and it looks like things may be slipping out of her grasp.

Both Marlena and Vivian tried to warn Stefan that he had no idea what he was dealing with, but he’s so blinded by his obsession that he wouldn’t listen. There’s a chance Stefan’s trap may not only ensnare Abby, Vivian, Chad and even Stefan himself. It looks as though quite a few people may end up paying a really high price for Stefan’s foolishness before this is all over. Could Vivian be the first to fall prey to Stefan’s scheming if he chooses the ultimate betrayal?

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