‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefan DiMera Arrested For Espionage – Stephen Nichols Back As Steve Johnson?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) is arrested for espionage. Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) was jailed soon after he received his bionic eye from a company owned by Stefan. Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) received a call from her husband Steve recently to inform her of his release from prison.

He also informed her that he would not be returning home. Seems Steve’s hell-bent on proving that Stefan DiMera is behind his arrest. Did Steve get the goods on DiMera? Nothing would make DOOL fans happier to see fan favorite Stephen Nichols return as Steve “Patch” Johnson and reunite with his “sweetness”

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Kayla Brady Regrets Deal With Stefan

Days of Our Lives spoilers show that Kayla Brady regrets her deal with Stefan. Kayla made a “deal with the devil” with Stefan to get Steve’s bionic eye. She did not know that would result with Steve arrested for espionage. Kayla just wanted Steve to have his vision restored. She never anticipated Stefan planned to use Steve’s bionic eye for espionage.

DOOL Spoilers – Steve Johnson Wants To Prove Stefan DiMera Set Him Up

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease the reason Steve has yet to return to Salem after his release from prison is so he can prove Stefan was behind his arrest. Stefan DiMera threatened Kayla that he can turn off Steve’s sight at his whim. Indeed, Kayla deduced that Stefan was the one who was receiving the classified information.  Steve was made the scapegoat. Stefan informs Kayla that he didn’t turn Steve into a spy but of course, she did not believe him.

Steve wants to make sure he has the ammunition needed to take down Stefan before he returns home to Salem. Kayla feels that part of the reason he did not return now is that Steve feels she’s betrayed him. With Stefan’s arrest, does this mean that Steve’s successful in his quest to make Stefan pay? Indeed, Steve’s life has been a living nightmare since he’s been accused of being a spy. Stefan brought to justice would make that nightmare worthwhile.

Is Stephen Nichols Returning To Days of Our Lives?

Days of Our Lives fans would love nothing more than for Stephen Nichols to return to the NBC soap. His departure was a shock to most fans. It’s sad that contract negotiations broke down and the actor was written off. A recast of a role so steeped in history, and so closely tied to Stephen Nichols, wouldn’t be accepted by fans. When Stephen Nichols’s exit was announced, fans started a petition to the powers that be for his return.

No official announcement has been made by either the actor or show to confirm or deny the speculation of the return of Stephen Nichols as Steve “Patch” Johnson. Indeed, all indications point to the conclusion he returns. DOOL is filmed almost six months in advance. With all the recent mentions of Steve, a plan for his inevitable return is in the works.

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