‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kristen DiMera and Roman Brady Gun Struggle – Roman Shot?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) and Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) will get into some type of altercation. After their struggle, it is revealed that Kristen’s gun will go off, ending their altercation with a gunshot. Will this result in Roman being shot, or severely injured? Or will she be shot instead amid their struggle? It seems like fall in Salem might have more than one character end up in the hospital for a gunshot wound.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kristen DiMera and Roman Brady’s Struggle

Ever since coming back to Salem, Kristen can’t seem to catch a break. Of course, she is a criminal on the loose. After the events at Marlena Evan’s (Deidre Hall) wedding, the Salem police have been looking for her, to no success. Previously on DOOL, Kristen drugged Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) and forced her to try and shoot John Black (Drake Hogestyn). However, in an altercation with her brother, Sami accidentally shot her mother, Marlena, instead.

Kristen decided to hide out at her brother Stefan DiMera’s (Tyler Christopher) place. While they both never knew each other, and actually never even met, Stefan reluctantly hides her in the tunnels around the DiMera mansion. However, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Kristen’s revenge plan at first.

It is not yet known how Kristen and Roman Brady end up in the same place. She has been trying to steer clear from the police and anyone who knows her. Could she potentially be caught by Roman? Are the Salem PD close on her trail? Or is she just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time?

 Kristen DiMera Has A Gun and Isn’t Afraid to Use It – Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Kristen DiMera always seems to have a gun — and she’s never afraid to use it. When Kristen and Roman get into an altercation, she has a gun. This altercation ends with her gun going off.

It is not known whether the gun going off means anyone is shot. However, this is Salem, so we’re thinking the worst will probably happen. However, it’s also not clear who actually is in control of the gun. We’re assuming DiMera, but the gunshot could still potentially hit her if the gun goes off in the midst of a struggle.

Of course, the obvious storyline that could come from this spoiler is that Roman Brady is shot amid struggling with Kristen. She wouldn’t be scared to shoot him if she needed to, especially if she is trying to escape. Regardless of how this struggle ends, we have a feeling it’s not going to be good.

Kristen DiMera Wants Revenge

Other Days of Our Lives spoilers have hinted that Kristen wants revenge, mainly on Marlena and John Black. While this revenge didn’t come to fruition after the wedding like she hoped. Days of Our Lives Spoilers have exposed that she continues her evil plan.

Roman Brady could stumble upon her as she attempts to put her plan back into action. In fact, it has been shown that she decides to go to Marlena’s hospital room to finally finish her revenge. However, as fans know, the real Marlena is actually hidden in an abandoned part of the hospital. Instead, Hattie Adams is pretending to be Marlena.

At the end of the day, DiMera is out for blood. It may very well end with Roman’s blood. We don’t know yet how these two will end up face to face, nor do we know what the endgame of this altercation will be. We do know that she won’t stop until she gets what she wants. She wouldn’t be the Kristen DiMera we know and love if she was any different.


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