‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kate Roberts’ Headache Turns Deadly for the DOOL Diva?

Days of Our Lives spoilers point to Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) getting a headache that could prove to be deadly. Recent episodes have shown Kate nursing a headache. That achy noggin could indicate a cancer relapse for the DOOL diva. Further, spoilers also indicate she is gently let down by Jake DiMera (Brandon Barash). Thus, Kate may face a health crisis without a man at her side on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives: Kate Roberts Finds Comfort in Jake DiMera

Jake DiMera nursed Kate Roberts’ recent headache with more than a bag of ice. This unlikely DOOL pairing has been through a lot together in a short amount of time. As a result, Kate and Jake frequently fall in bed with each other to ease each other’s pain. Undoubtedly, these two have undeniable chemistry. But chemistry and hard times might not be enough for what’s ahead on Days of Our Lives.

In truth, Kate’s headache seemed to have come out of the blue. We often see the Days of Our Lives fan favorite knocking back martinis. However, Kate Roberts never complains of having that dreaded hangover symptom. When Jake DiMera pops into her room to check on her, he is notably concerned about his lady love. He soothed her body and her spirit in a steamy DOOL love scene.

Surprisingly, Days of Our Lives spoilers hint a breakup for this couple. Jake DiMera seems to retain feelings for the beautiful (and younger) Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus). Although Gabi tried to move on, she would jump at the chance to again be with the handsome twin of her dead husband. Jake DiMera knows this. He may break Kate Roberts’ heart to be with his former flame leaving the cougar free to roam.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow)- Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash)

DOOL: Remember Kate is a Cancer Survivor

Days of Our Lives viewers may recall that Kate Roberts is a cancer survivor. Kate proved to be a great support to Adrienne Kiriakis (Judi Evans) when she fought breast cancer herself. DOOL created an unbreakable bond between the two as we watched Adrienne go through her cancer treatments.

However, with Jake DiMera out of the picture, Kate’s DOOL support system may only be her children and ex-husband Roman Brady (Josh Taylor). If it worsens, Kate Roberts needs to confide in somebody about her painful head issues. Roman talked to his ex on the phone while she nursed her last headache with a bag of ice. So, he could be the one to convince her to seek medical assistance on Days of Our Lives.

Clearly, Roman still cares deeply for his ex-wife. And he even propositioned her at the Brady Pub last week. Days of Our Lives viewers watched as Kate Roberts gently turned down his offer to renew their romance. If Jake DiMera refuses to stay with Kate Roberts, we know that Roman will gladly take his place by her side on DOOL. And she might need that if this troubling symptom turns more serious.

Days of Our Lives: Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) - Roman Brady (Josh Taylor)


Days of Our Lives: Headache Deadly for Kate Roberts?

Kate Roberts could be sicker than she thinks. As a cancer survivor, she knows how precious life can be. She proves to be a loyal friend to those lucky enough to be on her DOOL pals list. Usually, Kate shows no fear in business or in love. Days of Our Lives could show a more vulnerable, fearful woman as she faces an unknown health issue.

Plus, Days of our Lives hasn’t shown a scary medical issue for a hot minute. A health crisis is long overdue on this NBC soap. Fingers crossed that Kate will be treated and be good as new if she’s suffering an illness. Viewers don’t want to think about Salem without Kate Roberts in it stirring the pot.

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