‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Kate Reunites Jack & Jenn – But Loses Jake

Days of our Lives spoilers predict Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) is the one to put the fractured Deverauxs back together. But will helping them reunite cost her own happiness with her new boyfriend, Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash)? Here’s what comes soon on the NBC soap opera.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Jennifer Horton Suspects Kate Roberts

DOOL fans know that Kate Roberts is guilty of bedding Jack Ashford (Matthew Ashford). But that encounter a year ago was a one-off and didn’t repeat. But Jennifer Horton (Cady McClain) thinks it’s an ongoing affair. Some of that suspicion is Kate’s fault – but someone else is pot-stirring.

Remember, Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) wants the Deverauxs fractured and miserable, recall Days of our Lives spoilers. So, at every turn, Gwen’s whispering in Jenn’s ear, dropping hints that her man’s creeping around with Kate behind her back. Of course, it’s all untrue and ugly rumor.

Making things worse is that Kate Roberts’ current lover, Jake, shares an initial with Jack. That “J” led Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) to think that Jenn’s husband was at the Salem Inn with Kate. Days of our Lives spoilers say the Jack-Jenn reunion sparks by the New Year.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow)

DOOL Spoilers: Jack Tries to Warm up his Wife – Will it Work?

On Christmas, per Days of our Lives spoilers, Jack goes overboard to win back Jenn. He’s got a special present for her that touches her heart. But so long as Kate Roberts is a perceived third in their relationship, Jenn won’t thaw out for her spouse. Is there anything he can do?

Soon, according to Days of our Lives spoilers, Jack turns to Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) for advice. However, Xander’s not exactly a reliable source for advice about the ladies. After all, he kept one in a cage for a while. The bottom line is there’s nothing Jack can do unless Jenn’s doubts fade.

She appreciated the gift he got her for Christmas, but Days of our Lives spoilers say it’s gonna take some divine intervention from Kate Roberts to repair them. But how can Kate get Jenn to take back Jack if all his efforts fail? It’ll take some self-sacrifice, it seems on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow)- Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash)

Kate Convinces Jen no Affair with Jack on Days of our Lives

Spoilers see that Kate Roberts is sick and tired of the accusations. Of course, she doesn’t know that Gwen’s working overtime to sabotage Jack’s marriage. Kate’s been focused on keeping her fling with Jake hidden. And he’s helped too — by lying that the posh bracelet was Gwen’s gift.

But if Kate Roberts wants her name cleared, Days of our Lives spoilers tell us, she’ll have to come clean to Jenn. Watch next week as Kate confesses to Mrs. Deveraux that she is sneaking around — but not with her hubby. Kate admits that her “J” man is Jake — and she’s bedding the mechanic.

At first, Jenn might not believe her. So, it might take Jake confirming it too, on Days of our Lives. But this sets the stage for a New Year’s Eve reunion of Abigail’s parents. And Gwen will explode. Don’t miss a moment to see Kate Roberts sacrifice her privacy to put a marriage back together.

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