‘Days of our Lives’ spoilers: Is Ben a Changed Man or Faking Redemption?

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal Salemites are about to be majorly shaken up. Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) is back in town after being released from the mental hospital. He claims to be a changed man, but can this really be the case?

Ben’s killing spree

Days of our lives fans know that Ben Weston murdered three people, but he did come back and tell Sonny (Freddie Smith) that his husband Will Horton (Chandler Massey) was still alive and living in Memphis. While this caused a lot of upheavals and the ultimate end between Paul (Sean Christopher) and Sonny it was good for Sonny to know the truth about the husband that he loved and thought he’d lost. Ben also attempted to murder Marlena Evans(Deidre Evans), Chad DiMera(Billy Flynn), and Abby Deveraux(Kate Mansi).

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Could Ben be changed after all that he has done?

After Will’s mother, Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) brought Ben out of the sanitarium to reenact Will’s murder Ben told Dr.Marlena Evans that it snapped him back to sanity. Could one experience make someone just come back to reality especially after all the heinous things Ben has done? He kidnapped Abby forcing her to give birth in a cabin in the woods then nearly burning her and Chad (Billy Flynn) to death after taking their son and running away with him.

Ben has not always been bad

Ben has not always been a bad guy. DOOL fans know that he has suffered some serious abuses at the hands of his father Clyde Weston (James Read) and then he was emotionally shattered when he realized that Abby was in love with Chad and wanted to leave him. It’s true that Ben has suffered some emotional and physical traumas that may have led to his breakdown.

Kyle Lowder cast as Days past character

Has Ben really changed or is he duping everyone?

The question is has Ben been redeemed? Is he sane enough now to walk the streets of Salem and the residents can feel safe and not worry that his violent tendencies will rear their ugly heads again? Marlena thinks so, and she is Salem’s leading shrink. However other Salem residents don’t seem to share her opinion. For example , DOOL fans can bet that Chad and Abby will not be happy to see the man who tormented Abby straight into a mental institution free and walking the streets of their town.

Ben and Ciara bond

Fans can bet that neither Sonny nor Will are going to want to throw Ben a parade to welcome him home. Ben is going to face a lot of uphill battles to prove that he is in fact a better man. DOOL spoilers reveal his redemption will start with the strangest of people. Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefel) is going to find herself in a dangerous accident according to Soap Opera Digest and her rescuer will be none other than Ben Weston himself. Spoilers reveal Ben and Ciara will bond turning Salem upside down especially with Ciara’s mother Hope Detective Hope Brady(Kristian Alfonso).

The question will then become does Ben do the right thing or does he revert to his old habits? What do you think? Has Ben truly changed? Will he be able to prove it to the town of Salem or will he find himself right back to his old ways?


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