‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Holly’s Funeral Sets Nicole Raging – Attacks Loved Ones

Days of Our Lives spoilers for next week promise Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) flies into a fit of rage at her daughter’s funeral. Of course, her grief is understandable, but what she does after the funeral is one more red flag that Nicole is not herself. Either she’s gone wacko or this is an imposter play-acting as her. Take a look at what happens when Holly Jonas is laid to rest after her tragic “death” on DOOL on NBC.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sad Holly Jonas Funeral Next Week

Whether or not it’s the real Nicole Walker in Salem, whoever it is plans a funeral for Holly Jonas (Harlow and Scarlett Mallory) to lay the “dead” child to rest. Of course, DOOL spoilers confirm she’s not dead at all. Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) stole the kid and gave her to someone else. His partner is revealed next week to be Nicole Walker.

But before all that happens, there’s a funeral for the little girl. All hands are on deck for the very sad event. Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) is there and so is Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey). Plus, there’s Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers) and Brady Black (Eric Martsolf). No doubt, there will be lots of others in attendance, say Days of Our Lives spoilers.

DOOL Spoilers: Nicole Walker Goes Bonkers After Funeral

The funeral is tough enough on all those that cared for Holly Jonas, say Days of Our Lives spoilers. But it’s even rougher when Nicole Walker rages at everyone, laying blame on all those around her. She does everything she can to make them feel terrible when all the latest info says “Nicole” knows full well that child is alive and well.

This is all part of some twisted plot with Nicole Walker and Xander to wreck the people of Salem that have wronged him and whoever this woman is. Current signs point to it being Kristen DiMera, but that’s a wait and see proposition. On DOOL, she targets three people and unloads on them and then does something else shocking.

Nicole Blasts Eric, Sarah and Maggie

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Nicole Walker goes off on Eric Brady. She already took him to task for letting Holly Jones stay with Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) at the DiMera mansion. Now, she goes after him again, devastating him. Then, Nicole lays into Sarah Horton. She figured out Sarah has a thing for Eric and uses that against them both.

Finally, Nicole verbally assaults Maggie Horton who is already wrecked over losing her granddaughter. So, Nicole Walker does a lot of damage to people she once cared about. But these are all people who Kristen DiMera would certainly punish, so these are more imposter red flags. Then DOOL spoilers say she goes even further.

Days of Our Lives: Nicole Lip Locks Brady After Daughter’s Funeral

DOOL spoilers say it’s bad enough that Nicole unleashes her fury at Eric, but then she does something that torments him further. Already, Eric was unhappy to see Brady comforting Nicole and holding her in his arms. This time, Nicole plants a big sloppy kiss on Brady Black. That is something Kristen DiMera would definitely do, right?

Days of Our Lives next week has this twist of Nicole kissing Brady. As bad as it is on Eric, it’s got to make Sarah a little happy. She might be rethinking her engagement to Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder) after all. With Nicole done with Eric, then there’s nothing to stop Sarah pursuing him. What a twist the NBC soap has in store…

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