‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Haley and JJ Get Happy Ending – Miracle Intervention Stops Deportation

Days of Our Lives spoilers say there is hope that Haley Chen (Thia Megia) and JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) get their happily ever after. This is nice since her last few months were awful. JJ betrayed her by blabbing about her immigration, then she fake married Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams). Then, Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) cheated and blackmailed her into admitting it was a fraud.

Then Haley learned her sister was really her mother. So, it’s hard to imagine things could get worse. But then they did. She and JJ Deveraux went on the run but now he’s in jail and she’s in peril thanks to crazy firebug Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan). However, new DOOL spoilers promise a glimmer of hope for these star-crossed lovers on the NBC sudser.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Haley Chen Thrown From the Fire Into the Frying Pan

Usually it’s the other way around and you’re thrown from frying pan to flame, but Haley Chen gets it backwards, say DOOL spoilers. Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) saves her from a literal blaze. But then she’s carted off to the hospital where the mayor and immigration want to fry her for running off.

Meanwhile, the mayor held JJ Deveraux in custody when he defied him. But with Haley barely escaping with her life, JJ is out of jail and rushes to her side at the hospital. Still, thinks look bad as Haley and her love JJ are told to say their goodbyes because she’s being deported, reveal Days of Our Lives spoilers.

DOOL Spoilers: JJ Deveraux Needs Miracle to Stop Haley Chen Deportation

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) and Eve Donovan push to deport Haley Chen. But not everyone is down with it. You can bet there are some people working on a solution to save Haley Chen since she’s a valuable member of the community with strong ties to it.

But as of now, their past desperate measures have failed them. Her marriage to Tripp didn’t work out so it seems doubtful that she’d be allowed to marry JJ, even though it would be a “real” marriage. With that off the table, it’s a big question of who will help Haley Chen and how. DOOL spoilers tell us she does not go.

Days of Our Lives: JJ and Nurse Haley Get Happy Ending

DOOL spoilers confirm JJ and Haley get their happy ending but it’s a last-minute intervention. In fact, she packs her bags and is ready to board the plane when an eleventh hour save emerges. The question is who is going to step up to help Haley get her citizenship? The likeliest person is her mother.

Days of Our Lives spoilers remind that Melinda Trask (Laura Kai Chen) masqueraded for years as Haley’s sister. Then, Haley’s deportation reveal devastated her. She was so furious, Melinda was ready to shoot Jack. Next, she put down the gun but promised to do what she could to help her daughter.

So, it could be that Melinda got a visa for her daughter based on her own citizenship. Or maybe (but doubtful), Jack changes course on pursuing her deportation to try and get JJ to forgive him. But since it’s with USCIS, it seems a long shot that a local mayor could stop it. But Melinda might and she could be the key to the promised happily ever after for Haley Chen and love JJ Deveraux on DOOL on NBC.

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