‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez’s Walls Are Closing In – The Jig Is Up

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Gabi Hernandez admits she’s responsible for Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller) being institutionalized. She’s proud of herself. However, her happiness won’t last. The walls begin to close in on her as more Salem residents start to suspect her of gaslighting Abigail.

Days of Our Lives spoilers – Rafe Seeks The Truth From Gabi Hernandez

Gabi and her brother Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) have always shared a close relationship. However, since Hope Williams (Kristian Alfonso) entered the picture Rafe and Gabi haven’t been as close. Rafe’s always wrapped up in Hope and her family’s drama.

Gabi Hernandez’s struggled since leaving prison. Her once supportive brother has been missing from her life. Rafe’s the only family she has in Salem, besides Arianna Grace Horton (Harper and Sydnee Udell). Gabi’s support system is gone. Rafe lost his FBI job because he protected his sister. It’s unlikely he will be willing to stick his neck out to protect his sister this time. She’s on her own.

Spoilers for NBC’s DOOL say that Rafe Hernandez will attempt to get answers from his sister, Gabi. Rafe has a way of getting the truth out of his sister. Hope will certainly side with Abigail. Will Rafe stay loyal to his sister or side with his wife and the Horton family?

DOOL – Kayla Brady Put The Pieces Together

After a conversation with JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss), Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) suspects that Gabi Hernandez used her prescription drugs to make it seem like Abigail’s DID returned. Kayla remembers a conversation she had with Gabi about the pills being safe to take during pregnancy.  Kayla told Gabi it’s unlikely she will ever have more children. There was no reason for Gabi to question the safety of the medicine. Days of Our Lives spoilers show that Gabi tipped Kayla off without even realizing it.

Kayla starts putting the pieces together. Abigail insists that she’s being framed. Kayla now also believes Abigail. DOOL spoilers say that Kayla points the finger at Gabi. Whether Kayla has evidence or not, Hope and Rafe will likely believe Kayla’s accusations.

At this point, it’s Abigail’s word against Gabi’s word. Abigail’s accusation on their own don’t have merit but with Kayla’s support, Abigail’s story becomes more believable. However, with no solid evidence will Rafe and Hope be able to prove Gabi drugged Abigail?

Days of Our Lives – Abigail Deveraux’s Army

Abigail’s always had strong support from her family. DOOL spoilers reveal that she will have that same support with her most recent crisis. Abigail doesn’t believe it but Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves) and JJ Deveraux have her back. Her cousin Julie Olson (Susan Seaforth Hayes) will also have her back.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Abigail will enlist Julie to help her prove Gabi’s a monster. Julie’s all too willing to help. She’s hated Gabi for years so nothing would make her happier than to bring Gabi Hernandez down. Helping Abigail is an added bonus.

Abigail’s family will soon realize she’s not mentally ill again. The truth comes out. Gabi’s going down. She’s likely to feel the wrath of some of Salem’s most powerful players.

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