‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Eve Jailed for Jennifer Attack – Too Drunk to Know She’s Not Guilty?

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) spends the time jump in jail for the attack on Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves). Of course, it’s Princess Gina’s (Kristian Alfonso) crime. But, the cops accuse Eve of the assault. But does Eve know whether or not she’s innocent of the crime?

Remember, drunk Eve raged and threatened Jen earlier. So, it looks bad. This big messy plot twist comes out of Salem’s sci-fi time jump next week. Check out what’s ahead and how Eve Donovan, Jennifer Horton, and her royal highness (AKA Hope Brady) spend the unseen year on the NBC sudser.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Drunk Eve Donovan Takes the Fall for Jennifer Horton’s Fall

Even though DOOL spoilers confirm Princess Gina was the one that shoved Jennifer Horton, she escapes blame for the crime. Jennifer’s got internal injuries, bleeding, and broken bones. She’s in pretty bad shape. Post-op, she slips into a coma. So, that’s where Jennifer spends the entire time jump. Conked out in a hospital bed. And, she never told Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) who pushed her.

And since Eve Donovan tried to wreck their wedding and drunkenly lied about pregnancy, she’s the likely suspect. So, Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) ignored the fact that “Hope” was at the scene of the crime. Because, Rafe assumes Hope would never push Jennifer Horton. And he’s right. But it was Gina, not her doppelganger, remind Days of Our Lives spoilers. Instead, the Salem PD arrests Eve Donovan.

DOOL Spoilers: Jennifer Horton Wakes – Told Shoving Culprit Locked Up

It’ll be next week when time slows to normal in Salem. So, Days of Our Lives spoilers for a year ahead show Jennifer Horton comes out of her coma next week. And Jack tells her the person that hurt her is in prison. But, that’s not quite true. Because it’s Eve Donovan jailed, not the Princess. Who’s still running her Hope con successfully. And with Eve locked up, that means Jack and Jennifer think she’s safe. She’s not.

Because once Gina and Dr Wilhelm Rolf (William Utay) hear that Jennifer Horton’s awake, they’ll surely try to silence her. The other looming question is whether Jennifer remembers who did the deed. Before her coma, the incident was fresh. But a year later, Jennifer Horton’s brain might be cloudy. So, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease she may not remember who shoved her over the balcony. And assumes it’s Eve Donovan.

Days of Our Lives: Does Eve Think She’s Guilty of Attacking Jennifer?

Another big DOOL spoilers question is whether Eve Donovan realizes she didn’t do the crime – even though she’s doing the time. Remember, Eve was plastered when she staggered over to disrupt the double wedding. She hurled insults and threats. And it was Maggie Horton (Suzann Rogers) that finally got Eve Donovan to leave, but who knows where she went from there. Maybe she doesn’t know…

Days of Our Lives spoilers predict cops assume Eve Donovan lurked nearby, watched the wedding, and got murderously angry. Then, they think she followed Jennifer Horton and pushed her. But was Eve so drunk that she doesn’t remember? Since, Eve Donovan was sloshed, she might really think she did it. If Eve was blackout drunk, she may assume she’s guilty and tried to kill Jennifer Horton.

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