‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Claire Brady the One to Die in Summer Salem Weddings?

Days of our Lives spoilers promised a Summer death, so could it be crazy Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan) that loses her life? There are four weddings, but only three marriages it seems, and someone’s pushing up daisies in Salem before too much longer. Take a look at whether she survives to see Fall on the NBC sudser.

Claire Brady Still CIN-Obsessed on Days of our Lives

Recaps from this week make it obvious that Claire Brady is not over her fixation on Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal). Already, Ciara’s on edge about her niece being out of Bayview. Then, Ciara found Claire at the door of her suite at the Salem Inn. And the trouble started immediately.

Days of our Lives spoilers confirmed Claire Brady went all out trying to convince her aunt that she was sane and settled. She also couldn’t wait to talk about Ciara’s wedding. Of course, the lunatic’s enthusiasm for the big day already borders on obsessive. But, she couldn’t stop Claire.

From the moment Claire asked to be her maid of honor, Ciara cringed, but her niece pushed it on Days of our Lives. Of course, she tried to be nice, but Claire blurted out her remorse about trying to burn her and Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) alive. Was that a hint about the CIN wedding?

DOOL Spoilers Promise a Fiery Ciara-Ben Wedding – Crazy Girl Flames Up Again?

Days of our Lives spoilers see Claire Brady won’t stop until she’s in Ben and Ciara’s big day. Finally, she caved, and Claire was tickled pink – but Ben still has to say yes. He’s got his best man in Will Horton (Chandler Massey) but will be unhappy to have an arsonist at the altar with them.

There’s also the problem on Days of our Lives that Ciara put this off for Ben to decide. Claire Brady hates Ben with a purple passion. So, if he says no, that’ll make her even more persistent. In the end, Ciara said she forgave Claire. And Ben’s no innocent either, so he’ll eventually say yes.

That puts the spooky songbird in the perfect position to wreak havoc on Days of our Lives. She kept hammering the point that her aunt forgave Ben, a reformed killer, so why not forgive her too? The fact that she wouldn’t let it go points to Claire doing something crazy on the big day.

Claire’s Death Thanks to Plotting With Eve in Days of our Lives Spoilers?

But there may be more to this on Days of our Lives. Spoilers remind that Eve Donovan’s (Kassie DePaiva) back soon and she’s pals with crazy little Claire Brady. And neither want Ben to get a happily ever after with Ciara. So, the nutter might be scheming with Eve to take him down.

And if Claire Brady tries to do her firebug thing and burn down the wedding, Days of our Lives spoilers might have Ben kill her to save his bride. Claire Brady said no one in Salem “would ever forget” this wedding – and death would do it. But, will it be kooky Claire that dies or not?

In the end, death is rarely a permanent condition on Days of our Lives. Spoilers promised someone dies, and with all the weddings ahead, that should be when it happens. Will Claire Brady try to kill Ben but wind up dead herself in the attempt? Wait and see what’s next on the NBC soap.

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