‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad And Abby’s Rough Road – Can Chabby Ever Recover?

Days of Our Lives spoilers show that fan-favorite couple Chad Dimera (Billy Flynn) and his wife Abigail (Marci Miller) have been through some truly trying times in their relationship. From having their son kidnapped shortly after he was born, to being tied to a bed and nearly burned to death by Abby’s psycho ex-boyfriend Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson). After all of that, Abby started having hallucinations, and it all culminated with Abby nearly burning Ben alive and ending up in a mental institution which she burned down while escaping.

Chad And Abby’s Incredible Journey

DOOL viewers know that Chad mourned his wife for months then finally moved on with her best friend Gabi (Camilla Banus). What dear old hubby didn’t know was that Abby was alive and back in Salem hiding out until she was discovered by Gabi’s brother Dario (Jordy Villoso). What followed was devastation for our favorite couple as Abby tried to pick up the pieces, and put her life back together she watched Chad build a relationship with her best friend and young son Thomas.

The only person Abby had was Chad’s brother Andre (Thaoo Penghlis) who wanted to help her get back to her husband and son. Now Chad and Abby are reunited, and things should be great. They have gotten rid of the barriers in their marriage, namely the brother and sister duo of Gabi and Dario who were determined to keep the couple apart for their own selfish desires. They’ve remarried and recommitted themselves to making things work. What could possibly go wrong?

DOOL's Tyler Christopher and Marci Miller

Stefan Is a Big Problem For Chabby

Days of Our Lives spoilers promise the introduction of the newest Dimera, Stefan (Tyler Christopher), is an issue. He has proven to be evil to the core. While he claims to love his newfound family, his main goal seems to be to destroy the Dimeras, especially his brother Chad. Stefan has seemingly had it out for the youngest Dimera every since he and his mother Vivian (Louise Sorrel) set foot in Salem. It started with taking Dimera Enterprises from Chad, then Stefan and his mother moved into Chad and Abby’s home.

More Personalities, More Problems

Andre is dead, and the mystery surrounding his death is hotter than ever. The death of Abby’s most trusted friend caused her mind to split into three pieces, giving her three different alter-egos. First, there’s Abby (Marci Miller) who is sweet and nice and the host of the other two. Then there is Gabby (Marci Miller). This personality takes no prisoners and is all about getting what she wants no matter what the cost to anyone else. Gabby has come to believe that she is entitled to take over Abby’s life and make it her own.

Trying to maintain a delicate balance between the emotionally fragile Abby and the abrasive Gabby is Dr. Laura (Marci Miller). DOOL spoilers indicate that Dr. Laura lost control of Gabby, putting Abby’s life and family in danger. She’s in a cat and mouse game with Stefan. It seems that the newest Dimera has fallen for Abby and he’s determined to have her in any manner possible even it means having her body and an alternate personality. We have seen Stefan claim to love Gabby, but the reality is that he is obsessed and will stop at nothing to have Abby even if it means more broken hearts in Salem.

Chad Is Clueless

Chad has no idea that Abby’s illness has taken control of her once again and that is the reason for her recent unexplainable behavior. This includes testifying at Gabi’s trial that her best friend confessed to murdering Andre Dimera. That, along with other evidence, landed Gabi in prison facing a life sentence. Chad is obsessed with getting Stefan to admit that he murdered Andre. Chad is also desperate to regain control of the family company so much that he’s oblivious to what’s going on with his wife,

Right now, Abby is struggling for control of her very sanity and topping it off, she is being preyed on physically by Stefan who takes every opportunity he can to get close to Abby. Days of Our Lives spoilers from She Knows indicate rough times ahead for the Dimera family as Abby continues to battle for her sanity and to retake control of her mind. She won’t be alone in the battle much longer, though. Soon Chad will figure out what is going on so he can help. Abby also gets help soon from someone who understands precisely what is going on with her.

Can Chad and Abby pull through this? Will they survive Stefan and his obsession with Abigail or will Stefan win out in the end? Share your comments below on Cad and Abby’s crisis and check back with Soap Dirt often for more Days of Our Lives spoilers and new.

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