‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady Exposes Gabi’s Plot To Destroy Stefan – Chloe Stunned

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) spills the tea about Gabi Hernandez‘s (Camila Banus) scheme. He tells Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) the brunette schemer is out to ruin Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash). No good can come from Brady’s admission. After all, he sought Gabi out to put this plan in motion.

Now, it seems he’s turning the tables on his former DOOL co-conspirator. You can bet he leaves out the parts that incriminate him when he tells Chloe that she was collateral damage in a con. Thanks to Brady Black, Gabi Hernandez’s never-ending quest to destroy Stefan hits a snag this week on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Chloe Lane Learns of Gabi Hernadez Plan

DOOL spoilers remind that Gabi Hernandez is hell-bent on making Stefan DiMera pay. She blames him for framing her for Andre DiMera’s (Thaao Penghlis) murder. That sent her to Statesville. There, she was locked up and beaten nearly to death. Those injuries are why she probably can’t bear more children. So, with Brady’s encouragement, Gabi set out to seduce Stefan and make him fall for her. Then, she can marry and divorce him, taking him for every red cent. However, Brady backed out but then she moved forward anyway.

Now, Brady decides it’s time to clue Chloe in on what really went down. When Brady tells Chloe, she’ll recall the tryst she walked in on. It was the same day as Holly Jonas (Harlow and Scarlett Mallory) memorial. Gabi Hernandez set the stage for Chloe to catch her and Stefan in bed together. It was a perfect scenario for Gabi. The timing could not be any worse for Chloe. Gabi’s plan worked like a charm. Chloe promptly dumped Stefan. But now that Chloe knows, will she tell Stefan? After all, she once did have feelings for the guy. It is likely she puts a huge kink in Gabi’s plan, hint Days of Our Lives spoilers.

DOOL Spoilers: Brady Black Wants To Be More Than Friends With Chloe

It is no secret that Brady Black desires Chloe as his lady-love on Days of Our Lives. After all, that’s why he concocted that plan with Gabi. He banked on Gabi’s successful seduction of Stefan to send Chloe back into his arms. But that didn’t happen. Then he decided to come clean to endear himself to her. No doubt, Chloe’s stunned and hurt. Brady still could end up being her shoulder to cry on. However, he faces the wrath of Gabi once she learns of his betrayal. And Gabi Hernandez will know if Chloe confronts her.

DOOL spoilers hint Chloe’s left conflicted. On the one hand, she wants Stefan to know he’s being played for a fool. But, she wouldn’t mind seeing Stefan suffer. After all, he did hurt her. She had genuine feelings for him. But he trashed what they built for hate sex with Gabi Hernandez. Brady likely swears Chloe to secrecy. However, Chloe’s been lied to and manipulated by both men. She might just want her own revenge – regardless of who gets hurt in the process, tease new Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi’s Con And Stabi Future At Risk

DOOL spoilers show Gabi Hernandez’s revenge plan ran awry. What started off as a con turned into something unexpected. The sexy brunette fell for her mark. So, now that Chloe knows the truth, Gabi’s game is at risk. Chloe Lane is in a unique position of power. However, is it really worth her effort to play games with Gabi? Probably not. Since Chloe’s portrayer is set to exit later this Summer, this is likely the beginning of her exit storyline.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tell us Chloe has strong ammunition that could cost Gabi everything. Because, Stefan is more than Gabi’s bed buddy. Along the way, she developed real feelings for the guy she claimed to despise. In a strange coincidence, Stefan’s also falling for his sworn enemy. A real love match is a stake that Chloe could ruin with this reveal. Watch DOOL this week to see Brady Black throw Gabi Hernandez under the bus as he tries to win back Chloe.

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