‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady’s Back in Bed With Kristen

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) can’t seem to keep his distance from Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk). With that woman, it’s always a slippery slope. Everyone who cares about Brady warns him almost daily that Kristen’s dangerous and he shouldn’t let her get too close.

But with a baby baking in her tummy that paternity tests confirm is his, what choice does Brady Black have when it comes to Kristen DiMera? See what happens soon that lands him in the sack with his baby mama on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kristen DiMera Pregnancy Complications

DOOL spoilers confirm that next week, Kristen DiMera suffers a medical incident that scares Brady Black. He knows she’s high risk and could lose the baby at any moment. So, he’s on high alert. As much as he says he doesn’t love her – viewers know he’s got mixed feelings. And clearly, Brady wants to be a father to this child. So, this puts a scare into Brady.

Then, she insists on attending Stefan DiMera’s (Brandon Barash) funeral despite the problems. That worries Brady Black even more. But, Kristen DiMera won’t let him talk her out of it. So, he goes along to support her, worrying at every moment. Already, he’s moved her into the DiMera mansion, remind Days of Our Lives spoilers. But soon, that might not be enough for him.

DOOL Spoilers: Brady Black on a Slippery Slope With Wicked Baby Mama

Days of Our Lives spoilers confirm that every day, Brady’s drawn in deeper with Kristen. Early this week, they have some baby bonding moments, too. First, Brady Black hears his child’s heartheat. That’s a huge event for him and Kristen DiMera both. Naturally, she’s not just crazy, but also baby crazy.

And this, plus the positive paternity test, soften his heart towards Kristen. Just as she knew it would. But DOOL spoilers promise a bump in the road. There’s a scare with her pregnancy. So, that terrifies Kristen Dimera and also Brady Black, predict Days of Our Lives spoilers. And she takes advantage.

Brady’s Back In Bed With Kristen on Days of Our Lives

DOOL spoilers say she’s desperate to be intimate with him again. But, every time she tries, he struggles, then backs away. Soon, a possible tragedy lives him closer, though. Because, Kristen DiMera and baby daddy Brady Black set upsetting news. There’s some sort of pregnancy complication.

Then, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Brady’s so worried, he doesn’t want Kristen out of his sight. So, like a good daddy-to-be, Brady’s attentive and right at Kristen’s side. She’ll leverage that to worm her way back into his life – and her bed. And that’s why Brady Black wakes up next to Kristen DiMera.

DOOL spoilers predict he’s watching over his unborn child and falls asleep at her side. He’s horrified to find himself sharing a pillow with Kristen. But, she’s thrilled. The only question is how long until Brady Black’s in bed with Kristen DiMera for real? Keep watching NBC daytime to see.

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