‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Belle and Shawn Console Claire – Parents Haunted

Days of Our Lives spoilers promise Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) and Belle Black (Martha Madison) try to console wayward daughter Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan). Shawn returned to Salem to mourn the passing of Caroline Brady (Peggy McCay). Now, finally catching up with his family, Shawn quickly realizes his only child is not as okay as he thought. So, it looks like long distance parenting failed them as a family. This week, Belle heads to Salem. Together, she and Shawn attempt to get through to their daughter on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Claire Brady Needs Parents

At long last, Claire Brady’s parents are finally in town. Their daughter has been unraveling for nearly a year now, confirm DOOL spoilers. Claire’s been able to keep her crazy hidden from her family in Salem. Most chalked her behavior up to being a typical Millennial. However, she has been up to some sinister things. Claire Brady’s actions are not normal. Jealousy consumed her. She’s taken her once-harmless schemes to new levels. She caught the firebug. Now, Claire Brady is a full-fledged pyromaniac.

So, it goes without saying that Claire Brady needs a serious dose of parental guidance. The few quasi-maternal figures she has in town haven’t been diligent in their duty to watch over the young adult. Thankfully, her daddy picked up on his daughter’s shift in personality. Shawn’s concern prompts him to get his wife Belle on the next flight to help. Certainly, she needs a parental intervention more than they realize on Days of Our Lives.

DOOL Spoilers: Shawn Brady And Belle Black Riddled With Guilt

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Claire Brady’s mom and dad are consumed with guilt. While Shawn Brady and wife Belle Black live and work in Hong Kong, they failed their daughter. Claire’s not mature enough to be that far from her parents. Of course, this all happened fast after her SORAS (soap opera rapid aging syndrome) Additionally, their daughter painted a rosy picture to her folks. So, they thought they had no reason to be alarmed. Boy, were they wrong.

DOOL spoilers suggest Belle and hubby Shawn Brady realize they could have done better. They blame themselves for Claire’s turmoil. Certainly, Claire Brady has jealousy issues – typical of an only child. However, Claire is suffering from abandonment issues as well. The root cause of most of her issues is lackadaisical parenting. Had Belle and Shawn been more involved in Claire’s life and not living thousands of miles away, perhaps they would spot the warning signs, tease Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Days of Our Lives: Belle & Shawn Console Their Daughter

DOOL spoilers remind that Claire Brady’s mental state is in rapid decline. So, it comes as no surprise that she has a full-blown mental breakdown once she sees her mother. Claire’s worked hard to cover her crazy. But finally, she’s about to have her last stand. It has been a rough year for the songbird. She struggled with jealousy of Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal). Now, that she hit bottom, no doubt her parents are there to console and comfort their only child.

They feel guilty and are irritated that many people who claim to love Claire neglected to pick up on the warning signs. Finally, Claire gets the love and attention of her parents but it’s almost too late. This week, Claire goes nuts, cuts Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) with a knife then runs off taking Ciara captive. Then, the new DOOL promo shows her sparking another fire. So, watch this week to watch Claire Brady’s last stand and then Belle Black and husband Shawn Brady comfort their daughter as everything unravels.

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