‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Ava-Charlie Connection Confirmed – Allie Attacker Reveal?

Days of our Lives spoilers had Charlie Dale (Mike Manning) at Ava Vitali‘s (Tamara Braun) door and it’s clear she knows him. This reveal could be the bombshell that clears Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) as Allie Horton’s (Lindsay Arnold) attacker.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Ava Vitali’s Spy at Titan – Also Her Son

DOOL spoilers had Charlie Dale happily making plans to be boyfriend-girlfriend with Claire Brady (Isabel Durant). Then, he popped up at Ava Vitali’s door and she clearly knew him. At a glance, it makes sense that Charlie is a spy at Titan Industries. After all, she needs to keep tabs there. But she didn’t ask him to do it.

Days of our Lives spoilers remind us that Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson) owes a stack of money to the mob. And Ava’s charged with overseeing him launder money through Titan until he’s satisfied the debt. So, it would be clever for Charlie Dale to spy on the guy.

However, Days of our Lives spoilers predict Ava’s relationship with Charlie is much more personal. All signs point to Charlie Dale being revealed this week as Ava’s other son. He dropped several hints talking to his new GF Claire that he is part of the Vitali mob bunch – and has dark secrets.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun)

DOOL Spoilers: Charlie Dale Revealed as Tripp’s Brother – DNA Test Explained

Remember on Days of our Lives, Charlie Dale said that he’s from Philadelphia – where Ava Vitali’s mob is headquartered. And he said had a brother he didn’t really know. When he knocked on Ava’s door, that cemented the deal. The big question is, who’s Charlie’s daddy?

There’s no doubt that Days of our Lives loves twin twists, so it could be that Charlie is Tripp’s previously unknown twin brother. If so, then Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) has another son. That would certainly create a twisty mess for Patch. So, is Ava keeping a son from him?

Days of our Lives spoilers indicate Ava Vitali figures out something soon – and it’s about the assault accusations against Tripp. When we interviewed Mike Manning, he told us there are some dark things about Charlie Dale. The guy has some demons and it looks like he assaulted Allie.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) - Charlie Dale (Mike C Manning)

Ava Furious at Charlie – Days of our Lives Family Feud

If Charlie’s the one who attacked Allie, setting up Tripp, you can bet Ava Vitali’s angry, hint Days of our Lives spoilers. She clearly adores Tripp and sees him as her golden child. But it looks like Charlie Dale is the one more like her – dark and sinister. And things get more twisted soon.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the following week have Claire eagerly introducing her new boyfriend Charlie to Allie. We’ll learn more about him once he and Ava have a serious talk today. But with Charlie Dale the pervy predator that attacked Allie, will she get a creepy feeling when she meets him?

Also, Ava Vitali’s other son might get busted soon. Coming Days of our Lives spoilers explain that Allie tells Claire to surprise Charlie. If she drops by his place, she might find the note he stole that Tripp wrote. Watch and see the big reveal of Charlie Dale’s link to Ava Vitali – and the assault. Since he was London watching Tripp for Ava, it’s clear he’s the perpetrator.

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