‘Days of our Lives’ Shocker: Allie’s Attacker Has Family Tie to Tripp?

Days of our Lives spoilers wonder if Allie Horton‘s (Lindsay Arnold) attack was about revenge on Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams). It could be that someone chose Allie not because of who she is, but because Tripp showed interest in her. And the coming paternity twist could tangle it even more on the NBC sudser.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Tripp Dalton Insists He’s Innocent – DNA Tests Points to Guilt

Now, DOOL spoilers know that Tripp Dalton’s knocking on Allie Horton’s door to confront her. Tripp’s outraged that she said he assaulted her when he knows he saw Allie home safely then left. Unfortunately, his actions scare her and wind up making things worse on Tripp.

Soon, Days of our Lives spoilers reveal Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) soon suggests a DNA test as the easiest tool to resolve this. Allie Horton insists he impregnated her that night. But, Tripp Dalton quickly agrees – because he’s sure that he’s innocent. But, the test may say otherwise.

Now, paternity tests on soap operas are notoriously suspect, but no one on Days of our Lives would likely change it because they’re all interested in the truth. However, if the test comes back and says Tripp’s the father of Allie Horton’s baby, he’ll be stunned. But – he could still be innocent.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) - Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols)

DOOL Spoilers: Is Joey Johnson Back and Targeted Allie Horton Unknowingly?

Days of our Lives spoilers remind that Joey Johnson (James Lastovic) is in prison for killing Tripp Dalton’s mom, Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun). Of course, Joey wasn’t a bad kid, but prison can warp anyone – especially someone that young. And remember, Ava’s alive and back soon on the NBC soap.

Also, Days of our Lives history reminds Joey was placed at a minimum-security facility, thanks to his dad, Patch (Stephen Nichols). It’s been three years since Joey went to prison – enough time for life behind bars to warp him and have him obsess about Tripp Dalton. And that could put Allie in his path.

Days of our Lives viewers know Tripp’s got a great life. Meanwhile, Joey’s got nothing. Perhaps Joey escaped and tracked Tripp to London. If so, he might have seen him with Allie and attacked her, not knowing who she was. Allie Horton’s assault might have been about Tripp Dalton.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) - Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold)

Tripp, Allie, & Joey in Twisted Plot as Ava Vitali Returns on Days of our Lives

If Joey assaulted Allie Horton, the DNA test likely says it’s a match and Tripp’s the dad on Days of our Lives. Why? Since they’re half-brothers, special tests must be done, or paternity tests can’t tell them apart. So, Tripp Dalton might look guilty when the paternity test comes back on Allie’s son.

However, his brother might have attacked Allie Horton. Days of our Lives spoilers confirm Ava’s back soon, which means Joey was imprisoned wrongly as he didn’t kill her. In those three years, prison might have twisted Joey into someone cruel – not the sweet guy he was before.

And it’s worse if he did this — since Allie’s part of his extended family (a distant cousin). However, if Joey escaped and targets Tripp, he might have seen Allie as just a random girl with his brother. Clearly, there’s a lot more to this Tripp Dalton-Allie Horton story since both believe they’re telling the truth.

DOOL spoilers suggest an attacker who’s a DNA match for Tripp Dalton explains it. Plus, Ron Carlivati already recast Joey, but that actor, JT Neal, dropped out for a prime time pilot. Now, it looks like they may have recast him again. And this is exactly the sort of twisted plot showrunner Carlivati would craft. So, wait and see what happens with the Allie Horton attacker reveal.

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